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Downtown in Farmingdale (LI) open mic

Discussion in 'Band Management [BG]' started by byrdsfan, Dec 11, 2004.

  1. byrdsfan


    Feb 9, 2004
    Well, off the showing of my first gig in 25 years, an open mic in a very small neighborhood bar, I feel we're ready to play the only real club on Long Island, the Downtown in Farmingdale.
    Background and questions:
    We started as folky Byrdsy trio, we did a recording for a bootleg project and it went well. We added a drummer and although it's fun to play with one again, i felt it puts in same hole as a lot of people.
    So we downsized with the drummer playing a djembe (which i bought) and me on a Jasmine acoustic bass. This sound clicks. The drummer sings well and this frees him up. The vocals are great all around, probably because they don't involve me!
    We did one open mic and it was smooth. There's another soon but i have my sights on the Downtown. I know it's a metal/kids scene but have not been there on open mic nights. I have seen some great acts there that were def. not metal, and more to the 60s sound we're into. Actually i work Tuesday nights and would have to take a day off to play there (which i would do) but i dont want to take one off just to check it out.
    My hope is, with fairly obscure covers, a couple of originals, great vocals and crappy bass playing, we would stand out. Ive seen many opening acts there and all were Long islanders and most were not so hot. But would we get booed off the stage by a metal crowd, or is it more diverse?
    Also, if anyone has details on the open mic there, i'd like to hear them. I dont see the answers on their web page.
    How long do you play? Are covers OK? What time do you have to there to get on a reasonable hour?
    Thanks for reading this far!