DP126 pickups - out of phase?

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  1. I recently had my Mustang PJ bass upgraded with the DiMarzio DP126 set and I love the difference except for one thing.. When I play the A string around the 10th fret, the volume seems to drop out. It's weird because if I slide up to the note and let it sustain, it sounds fine, but if I pluck the note from that fret, the volume is almost completely gone comparatively. I can hear a big difference in volume between that note and any other note I play at the same time while holding that note. The other notes keep their volume while that particular G sounds quiet.

    I read a little bit about pickups being out of phase, but I found it strange that this only happens for this particular note and maybe slightly above or below that frequency. Is this normal? How could I go about fixing it?

    Also, I notice that it seems more pronounced when I combine the P and J pickups. The PJ combo used to be my favorite, but now I stick to the P solo'ed because it gives me less problems and seems a lot thicker by comparison. With the original pickups, I used to love the PJ combo sound. It was thick and warm, but now it maybe sounds a bit thin if my memory serves me well.

    Side note: Not sure if this matters at all, but I don't have a bass amp yet. I just use a Vox Amplug and iRig 2 with my iPhone and I use iPhone wired headphones or bigger closed ear phones.

    Thanks in advance for any suggestions or information on this. :)
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    I think your A string 10th fret problem is a set-up issue and not a phase issue.

    If your pickups are out of phase, they will sound thin and honky when they are both full on.

    You can try swapping the hot and ground wire connections of one pickup only to see if your sound improves, or gets worse.

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    I'm not, I'm a human male :smug:

    Probably a high fret.
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    you’re vs. your...the auto fill got me. :banghead:
  5. A high fret? Wouldn’t that cause buzzing in some places though? I don’t have any problems with that, although I do play with a somewhat high action.

    I’ve discovered that this issue seems to happen mainly when I pluck closer to the neck for some reason (which is my favorite/most comfy hand position) but it doesn’t really happen when I play closer to the pickup. Strange that it’s only that one note though. Everything else is fine.

    In any case, thanks for giving it some thought. I will just avoid playing that fret or change my plucking hand position for now.
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    It could also be a dreaded dead-spot. Some necks just have them.

    How are you liking the weather in Groong Tehp right now?
    I'll bet it's a scorcher. Happy Songkran!

  7. Dead spot? :O
    I’ll have to look into that. I hope it’s not the bass. This model is very difficult to find in Thailand.

    Oh, and it’s definitely toasty over here. Hottest month of the year. It’s a good excuse to stay inside and play bass though ;)

    I’m about to go on vacation for Songkran actually. Koh Chang will be the destination this time around. Happy Songkran to you also, if you are in Thailand!
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    Last time I went to Elephant Island it rained the entire weekend :bored:
  9. Bummer. I just checked the weather for the next few days and it’s looking like a similar situation for me.. :l

    Looks like the clouds will be participating in this year’s celebration. Oh well. Mai pen rai.
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    Just take a large tank of water for your water-gun:

  11. Not sure I could lug that around on a scooter though haha. I’ll have to stick to my little pistols for now.
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    I did a visa run to Cambodia that day before getting on the ferry for Koh Chang. We made the last ferry run. My TGF was sure we weren't going to make it.
    Ever been to the bPonge Nahm Rawn (โป่งน้ำร้อน) border checkpoint?

    My friend's son is a Royal Thai Marine now & is actually stationed at that checkpoint sometimes.
  13. It sounds like your adventures may have gone farther than mine. I’ve lived in Thailand for about a year and a half but I’m a teacher so I haven’t done many visa runs. Definitely had a wild run so far though. Message me if you want to chat more. I’m always happy to connect with other expats/musicians in the relative area! :)