DS-1 and CH-1 with Aftershock and Gemini?

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  1. Hey all, FNG here,

    I currently own a Source Audio Aftershock and Gemini pedals, which appeal to my engineering/tech side and also sound great. However, I'd like to replicate (as close as possible) the sounds of a Boss DS-1 and CH-1 pedals. I've never owned either of those pedals, so, my questions:

    1. I assume the Aftershock DS-1 engine is pretty close to the real thing. However, do the Tone/Level/Distortion knobs on the DS-1 relate directly to those controls on the AS? Similarly, what should the other AS controls be set to (in general) to not stray from the real DS-1 sound?

    2. Which of the Gemini engines would be close to a CH-1? Same question as above about the CH-1 controls matching those of the Gemini, and about other settings on the Gemini to keep close to the CH-1 sound.

    I realize this is an odd set of question, so thank you up front. I also realize I can get my hands on both Boss pedals for about $100 used, but I'd like to see if I can make the magic happen with these Source Audio beauties first.

  2. Buy a ds-1, cheap built like a tank.
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