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Dunlop Super Bright Nickels Should Be Called....

Discussion in 'Strings [BG]' started by GK Growl, Jun 18, 2017.

  1. GK Growl

    GK Growl Banned

    Dec 31, 2011
    Dunlop Super Crunchy Nickels. Good Lord that's the only way I can describe these things. Crunchy and aggressive in the mids. Bright but not super bright. Did I mention they are crunchy? I decided to give these a try again after some issues I had awhile back with several strings that wouldn't intonate right. The stainless steel ones are nice but they do not growl like these nickels.
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  2. Linnin


    Jul 19, 2012
    Linningrad, Earth
    Strings That Go Crunch!
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  3. mmbongo

    mmbongo Dilly Dilly! Supporting Member

    Aug 5, 2009
    Yep, I've been saying that for 2 years now! Still the best strings I've ever used.

    So let's officially start calling them Dunlop Super Crunch! They stay crunchy....even in milk!
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  4. GK Growl

    GK Growl Banned

    Dec 31, 2011
    They kinda remind me of a good set of Rotosound Swing Bass 66 stainless, unique in the mids.
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  5. campbems

    campbems Supporting Member

    Jun 20, 2013
    They are my 2nd favorite strings right behind Curt Mangan Nickel Wounds. I love the Dunlop strings and they sound great in a full band setting on my Warriors.
  6. jwilson67


    Jun 2, 2015
    San Dimas, CA
    Does the overall quality of the strings seem better than when they first came out? I got a couple sets back then and the quality control was very shoddy - severe gaps in some of the windings on the E and A strings, big volume differentials from string to string, etc.

    I really did like the sound of them but those issues steered me away fast. I am willing to give them another go if it is different now.
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  7. Linnin


    Jul 19, 2012
    Linningrad, Earth
    YIKES! Until they replaced both stringsets, I wouldn't give them a penny of profit.
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  8. jwilson67


    Jun 2, 2015
    San Dimas, CA
    Well, they did replace the first set I got with another set and those were the two that had the problems so I just chalked it up to that's just the way they are. I'm also kinda OCD when it comes to strings. I need perfect looking windings, same shine from string to string, etc...;)

    I got D'Addario Flex Steels when they first came out. Out of the package literally one of the strings was silver and one was gray. I was like "those are not going on my bass". Those were the most bizarre strings I ever tried.
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  9. Linnin


    Jul 19, 2012
    Linningrad, Earth
    Oh, so OCD perfectionists need not apply.
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  10. jwilson67


    Jun 2, 2015
    San Dimas, CA
    Let's just say DR strings fit my needs in that regard. Those are some perfect looking and sounding strings right out of the package.

    Also - see my edit to my post.
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  11. Low84

    Low84 Supporting Member

    Mar 30, 2014
    mascot_63. Cap'n Crunch Cereal - Org (07_03_16).
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  12. MDBass

    MDBass Supporting Member

    Nov 7, 2012
    Los Angeles, CA
    Endorsing Artist: Dingwall-Fender-Jule-Dunlop-Tech 21-Darkglass-Nordstrand

    I've had dozens of sets in the last year, no QC issues to speak of :thumbsup:
  13. Doner Designs

    Doner Designs Steve Doner Gold Supporting Member

    Jun 2, 2012
    Metro Chicago Area
    Doner Designs is an alias for Steve Doner
    I only play flats but am curious about the reason people play nickel rounds. I was thinking that rounds bring a bright growling tone and if you want to be less bright, why not use steel strings and roll off the treble a tad (which would have the added benefit of reducing noise/hiss)?

    Is there some other reason for nickel rounds other than to sound less bright? Do they feel better?
  14. TrentB

    TrentB Supporting Member

    Aug 10, 2010
    Yorba Linda, Ca
    They are much smoother on the fingers than SS rounds.
  15. TrentB

    TrentB Supporting Member

    Aug 10, 2010
    Yorba Linda, Ca
    By the way, these are on sale for $12 at BSO right now. Just ordered a few sets.
  16. Rickter

    Rickter Supporting Member

    Nov 30, 2006
    Nashville, TN
    That makes me want to give them a try.....
  17. -Asdfgh-


    Apr 13, 2010
    Steels with a tone roll off don't sound the same as nickels as a tone control doesn't necessarily have the right roll off and a resonance peak, and nickels have different things going on in the mids too, in general.
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  18. -Asdfgh-


    Apr 13, 2010
    That would make me not want to try them.
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  19. Timmy-Watts

    Timmy-Watts Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2010
    Cincinnati, Ohio
    They are my string of choice for over a year.

    It's not because of something unique in the mids. It's just that they are full range and even. Not super bright, and not super middy. But it's all there. They play easy, without being too loose. They are pliable and I can get grunt, sustain, thump, warmth, scream, growl, and clank whenever I want. Being cheap and lasting forever (3+ months on regular use, more on light use) doesn't hurt, either.
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  20. Nickels generally do feel more polished and finger friendly than stainless. The couple of times I have used stainless rounds I've gone over them with 1000 grit sandpaper where my fingers were making the most contact. I find rounds to be "livelier" and more responsive than flats and I do have TI flats on my p bass. I generally dislike the zinginess of new rounds and am much happier with them after a couple of weeks.
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