Ebtech Hum-X Anti-Hum Plug.....

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  1. ZenG


    Dec 13, 2013
    Near the fridge
    This is a plug that goes onto the AC plug of whatever it is that's causing groundloop hum...and then you plug it into the AC outlet and it supposedly kills groundloop hum.

    Anybody used one?

    They say they don't work for guitars with FX equip.......but that's not what I'd be using it for anyway.

    Ebtech Hum-X

    I had groundloop hum from bass amp when I plugged it into the mixer and listened on headphones....

    So I simply unplugged the amp , plugged it into a completely different AC outlet in the house and it disappeared 100%....no more groundloop hum.

    However.....I have to run a 12/3 extension cable to do this and I don't really want to have this cable laying around.

    So I figured the Ebtech Hum-X would do the same job and then I don't have an unsightly cable snaking all over the place......