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Emerson gut strings?

Discussion in 'Strings [DB]' started by TenorClef, Jul 7, 2009.

  1. Check their website out-


    I spotted these on ebay, their about 50% cheaper than Clef guts, seem to be selling in large quantities and from the general feedback so far from people who have bought them they appear to be good quality plain gut strings for double bass.

    I've decided to buy a set to see if they are any good although i'll probably only use the D & G as i like the E & A La Bella Supernil wounds i have on my bass currently.
  2. Ok thanks.
  3. Right, info for any one about to purchase Emerson gut strings via Ebay-

    The top two strings (D & G) are great, good projection and a very nice dark bass projection, the A string is ok (ish), the E string is very poor offering poor projection and pitch. On this positive side Emerson offer 2 packs of the 'D & G' string for the price of the full set of EAGD set. My advice is to purchase only the D & G.
  4. Right now I have Emerson gut E&A strings Match with Lezner D&G on my Englehardt ES-1. The E string is a bit small and low tension (0.175) and the A string match up great with the Lezner D&G. The only thing i've hate of the emerson gut is the varnish they put on their string. After a good sanding they gain good flexibility and they have a way better tone...

    I'm not telling that they are the best gut strings on earth but from my experience, they worth the try and the price is good. Also If you're not happy of the string you've received, they have a customer service where you can leave message and they answer you quick.

    So, if the Gauge of the Emerson E&A is to small, contact emerson customer sevice, expose the situation and they will correct the problem....

    I dont have any affiliation with Emerson corp. I'm am only a happy customer of their gut string.....
  5. kmanley_29649


    Jan 25, 2008
    Taylors SC
    I like them. I currently have the D and G matched with Velvet blue E and A, and it's a good match.
  6. Oli, i don't know if your talking about the same strings as me? The Emerson plain E string is absolutely huge, it took me a pair of pliers to get it through key hole, and the string sounded so quiet and flappy. I'm certainly not dismissing Emerson strings, i actually think the D & G represent great value for money esp for 2 D's and 2 G's for UK £60. I don't think the strings are varnished either. I think i'd need to try a wound gut on the E & A but thats not a priority for me at the moment, the Supernil E & A are good enough.
  7. Plain Guts E is really huge and flabby, the bridge an nut need to be modify to fit the string. The string need time to stretch and at the same time it gain some definition...

    Plain gut E and A tone and gauge are not for everybody. For the music I play, this set up is perfect for me. It give me the woody tone I'm reaching for. If I need more defenition on the E and A , I Always keep my velvet Garbo real close .

    string choice is very personnal, Hope you find the perfect match for you're taste.....

    Rock on!!!!
  8. basstef

    basstef Supporting Member

    Dec 18, 2004
    Bologna, Italy
    I have received a few days ago 2 G and 2 D. Got them on ebay for $ 100 incl shipping. I was just curious to see how they sound but...well...I'm really surprised...they sing ! I only have gigged once with them so far but I am doing an important recording tomorrow with them on. Will report more after then.
  9. basstef

    basstef Supporting Member

    Dec 18, 2004
    Bologna, Italy
    I confirm they are great strings for me for the price. Recording session went great, my bass just cut through the 9 piece band. Feel is soft, warm, with a nice sustain. I haven't tried Gamuts but these Emersons are way better than other domestic gut I've tried in the past.
  10. So, I recently changed to guts; wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :hyper:

    Hah, they're a blast; nice tone & due to their softness, my buggered left pinky isn't screaming within a minute of playing.

    I'm running the Emerson D & G with wound Clef E & A (thanks Steve!); although they're still stabilising pitch-wise, my impression is that the Emerson's are surprisingly good sounding strings, particularly for the money ($25AUD incl. postage!). Pretty darn good on arco. On pizz, however, the tiniest bit 'fuzzy' sounding; perhaps I've gotten used to the clean attack of steels, but the Emerson's sound... well, fuzzy is the only way to put it. Kinda like a faint fingerboard buzz on the decay, but even on open strings. I've checked the nut & bridge, but the sound is coming from the strings themselves. But overall still pretty good; mildly thumpy but not over the top, LOUD, plenty of overtones, none of the plastickiness of synthetics & nice but not overpowering sustain.

    Interestingly, the D was a LOT lighter & less-dense feeling than the G when they arrived (about half the density & weight); initially this meant that the D sounded vague & indistinct, but as it's stretched up (and compacted down in the process) it's much better now, although the G, which had a head-start on the density and remains-so, still sounds clearer. It's like the greater density helps provide better focus to the core of the sound.

    So, an encouraging start into the world of guts. Now... Gamuts... :D

    Just a last thought, though; there's been suggestion on TB that the Emerson's are beef gut, not sheep. I'm not sure that this is true: in India, the cow is a sacred animal to Hindus (the vast religious majority of India; about a billion (ie, the majority) of the Indian population are Hindu). And I don't mean just slightly; the slaughter of cows (including oxen, bulls and calves) is considered a heinous sin in mainstream Orthodox Hinduism and is forbidden by law in almost all the states of the Indian Union (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cattle#Hindu_tradition).

    When McDonald's was found to be frying their fries in beef tallow in their Indian restaurants (in spite of the rest of the menu being beef-free), the Indians went *a.b.s.o.l.u.t.e.l.y* bonkers over it (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/wor...ing-beef-fat-for-vegetarian-french-fries.html). I therefore can't imagine them allowing an Indian company to be killing them to make strings out of their guts.

    So, perhaps their gut strings are indeed sheep based, but what *may* be true is that they are possibly (i) not as high quality material or (ii) not as well crafted as European versions.

    I like 'em, though.
  11. Jason Sypher

    Jason Sypher Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2001
    Brooklyn, NY
    You're right to give them time to settle and let your ears get used to them. See what they're like in a couple of weeks.