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    So, I bought this EMG BTC some time ago and never got around to putting it into any of my Basses; (none of my Basses ever had EMG pickups) UNTIL my Warmoth BUILD w/the GZR P/J set came along; Then it dawned on me; HEY! I maybe able to use that BTC in my Warmoth build! ... or can I? 1. It's needs a 9 volt; Will I have to route under the pickguard to fit the battery? 2. It has it's own input Jack, I imagine I'd have to use that one (I guess that's not that big of a deal) 20170607_193317.jpg FB_IMG_1495901329202.jpg 3. The knobs are black, they don't match the chrome P Bass knobs on my Bass; If I bought a set of Chrome Stacked knobs, Would they fit on the EMG pots/shafts? (I like my knobs to all match:wacky:, I'm crazy like that). ... and What are those two extra EMG knobs (in the photo) for? If I can make this happen, this Bass would be even cooler than it already is :woot::bassist:
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    1. Yes you will need at least one battery. Where you choose to put it/them is up to you. Existing cavity, separate cavity, battery box, they can all work.

    2. The included jack is a standard Switchcraft (high quality) stereo jack, the same kind that is used in 90% of active bass circuits. Use the one they provided, or use another one, your call. But a mono jack won't work.

    3. Lots of knobs out there. The 6mm/8mm ones fit. The 4mm/6mm ones won't.

    The BTC can be used with any pickups, they don't have to be EMG. But the solderless connectors make EMG pickups a good pairing.
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    I can't quite tell from OP's pic whether this should be of any concern for him in this scenario, but for anyone not intimately familiar with the minutiae of EMG's naming conventions, I feel compelled to mention:
    There is a difference between EMG's "BTC" and EMG's "BTC System" and the "BTC System" can not be used with any pickups, they have to be EMGs.

    I'll be damned if I know what that difference is....
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    The regular BTC/BTS etc, EQ modules from EMG are designed to work with EMG active pickups, as they use a lower impedance signal path than typical HiZ passive pickups can cope with. This is made apparent when you buy active EMG pickups - they come with 25Kohm pots, not the 250-500k pots typically associated with passive pickups

    The BTS/BTC etc, System modules typically include an active balance control which is designed for passive pickups and will act as a buffer in front of the EQ modules.

    Best to talk to EMG to see if what you want to do will work. Good luck.
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    The System is simply the unit plus the right pots for active pickups. It's just a "kit" built around the EQ unit itself. The unit works with any pickups; I've used various passive pickups myself through the years, although I believe every such installation involved routing those pickups first through 500k volume pots and then to a blend/switch and then to the BTC.
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