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    Do Epi Cab's use a bulb based fuse a'la Eden's/SWR? the tweeters in my UL/PS 112 stack have stopped functioning correctly so I'm trying to trouble shoot.
  2. They do not. Probably a blown tweeter diaphragm. Not a big deal to replace. Most common cause of this (I've done it myself) is cranking a low powered amp too high. Won't hurt the woofers at all, but that sort of solid state clipped power is deadly for unprotected tweeters.
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    May 6, 2010
    Hi KJung,

    I have to replace my blown tweeter diaphragm, and I just came across this post of yours. Two quick questions if you don't mind...

    1. I'm using a 4 ohm head (Epifani PS-100) and an 8 ohm cab (Avatar B410 Neo). So what exactly should I NOT do in order to "crank my low powered amp too high?" Is my setup "low powered" because of the difference in ohms between my cab and head? And if so, should I just avoid putting my master and gain settings above 50%?

    2. The new diaphragm hasn't arrived yet, but when I unscrewed my front grill and tried to disconnect my current tweeter, I couldn't figure out how to disconnect the wires connecting the tweeter to the rest of the cab. It looks like they're soldered on. Do you know how I would go about disconnecting the wires?

    Thanks so much!