Epiphone T-bird Bass on my radar

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  1. Hi all,
    I have a nice looking Epiphone T-Bird on my radar over here in Norway.It's a Tobacco Sunburst from 2006, Korean built, but to be honest I don't know any more about it than that and the pics I got. Anybody here who can shine some light for me, as to what series it is, an 'avoid' or not? Guy's askin' 2000 Norwegian Kroner, 200 euros approx. I'll upload the pictures I have Any help/info is appreciated! 89539167_10163227790200192_4078504822637068288_o.jpg 89554797_10163227796105192_2405046832376840192_o.jpg 89766088_10163227790270192_2669492259463888896_o.jpg 89775450_10163227790455192_1836103252093960192_o.jpg 89791119_10163227790120192_9103559770899480576_o.jpg 90685918_866440167166313_4179047829488009216_n.jpg
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  2. If it's playable, pickups and truss rod work and the frets are not completely worn out you can't go wrong for 200 Euros IMO.

    Given that it's a bolt-on neck, it's their basic model. Nothing inherently wrong with that.

    Good luck
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  3. msb


    Jul 3, 2002
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    I know the Unsung Factory make some great instruments . I have two , but no birds ...
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  4. Bass V

    Bass V

    Dec 11, 2008
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    I tried this model 'bird recently, it was great. there's one near me for $250, I'm gonna offer $200...
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  5. Yep.

    My guitar-playing-son owns an Epi Les Paul made in that plant that we got for a song and there's absolutely nothing wrong with it. Cheapo tuners for sure, but they work as they should. Usable, serviceable instruments Korean-built Epis are in my experience.
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  6. I have one just like it but made in '07 and Made in China. Guess they moved production in '07. Mine is one of my primary go to players, gets a lot of stage time. Plays great, sounds great, as I said it's a primary go to for me. You'll like it. With case I see them here with some regularity going in the $250 - 300 USD range which IMO is a steal for a highly under rated under appreciated bass.
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  7. As others have said, if it's sound, that's a good buy. They are a good 'project' Bird too. The first thing I would do is install a straplock button on the neck plate. The rest is up to you -- leave it stock or chrome it out.
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  8. Thank you all so far :thumbsup:, so it definitely seems like a good idea to go check it out! :bassist: Only thing now is: the guy lives in another town, another county/province and as far as I've understood here in Norway at the moment you're not permitted to cross county borders without a valid reason, due to Covid-19 regulations.. Pff..:rollno:
  9. You mean the 4-screw-plate connecting the neck to the body? How does that work? Use one of the 4 screws or what?
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  10. On one of my T-birds I just drilled a hole through the plate into the wood below and installed the strap lock button (no photo handy, sorry). The neck bolts are way larger than what you can get through the button.

    I later went to this (photo attached) strap extension hook which not only solves the problem of neck dive if it happens to exist (some do some don't ) but also shifts the bass a bit towards your picking hand and makes the reach to the end of the neck more comfortable.
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  11. Yes, or some people just drill through the middle of the plate.
    My Goth came standard with the strap pin in the top right screw position.
  12. madasatadpole


    Apr 19, 2020
    i have the exact same guitar! same year made in the unsung factory :) had a few issues with the posts pulling out! but thanks to some people on here that problem now solved :) i installed a hipshot bridge and the guitar is fantastic! i moved the strap button to the neck plate? though it stopped the neck dive somewhat it made the guitar lean forward on mine and unless you know where your playing you have to lean right over to see the neck! so i reverted it back to its original position, it just didn't work for me being a novice bass player! i paid £140 on the bay for it and i consider it a steal i have a bartolini thunderbird bridge pick up for it too? but the stock pickups sound so good i don't want to change the sound just yet!
    get it you wont be disappointed, your arm leans on it comfortable whilst playing and stops the neck dive! very underrated guitar imho.
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  13. Hey everyone, here's a photo of my 2009 Epi T-Bird Pro IV, circa 2009-14, MIK (Unsung), through neck. Its a cracker of a bass, a bit heavy on the back and shoulders, but its packs an awesome punch.

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