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Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by Alexbass, May 18, 2012.

  1. Hello all TBers, let me cut to the chase. Ive been on the market for a nine string bass for some time now and have come in contact with a local luthier in san francisco. Ive played his basses and they sound and feel awesome. After talking to him sometime hes agreed to make me a nine string bass. He has done 6 string basses before and is friendly and really down to try and make me an awesome instrument. Hes really well known for his guitar work and has high tech equipment in his shop tso im confident in that part with him, but like I said he hasnt crafted a beast of that nature. We are supposed to have a sit down consultation soon tp disciss or ideas and such. I wanted to see if you awesome people here on talkbass could help steer me in the right way i.e technical side(string spacing, eurgonomics, etc)when thank you guys in and thanks for your help -Alex
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    Aug 19, 2008
    Hi, nice to see a new ERB in progress (I´m the bisggest fan). I own 7 and 8 string basses, a chapman stick, and in the process of building 2 12 string basses.
    From my perspective, the most important things to think off on the design should be, the weight, and the sound...
    With weight I mean, the thickness of neck (really important), the thickness and size of body, chambering the body or not, the hardware (you can try a headless so no neck dive caused by 9 tuners+headstock wood)...
    With the sound, you really need to understand that depending of the desired tuning, strings gauges will vary from something really thin (almost guitar like) to something really thick.... So the pickups, electronics, placements of hardware, the multiscale if needed, should be all centered in a desired sound...
    I can give you advice on hardware, woods, pickups, piezo, whatever you need, send me a PM and I will try to help ;)
    Good luck with this project, ERB RULES!!
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