Eventide H9 still worth it in 2017?

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  1. So, the H9 (Max) was released a couple of years ago, is it still worth it?

    It's got all the Eventide classics there so I'm guessing it's still good. Any new pedals on the multi front to compete with the H9? Would you buy it (given the 700€ price tag wouldn't be an obstacle)? Would it be a good investment?

    I'm trying to make my live setup more compact and the H9 would pretty much fit the bill, taking care of delay, reverb and modulation.

    Here's my current setup(s) to give you an idea of what I need:

    Main board (local gigs):
    Tuner -> B3K -> (my flavour of the day Fuzz) -> Boss Chorus -> Eventide Timefactor -> Strymon Big Sky -> DI/Preamp

    Carry-on fly rig (fits in a Pedaltrain Nano+):
    Tuner -> B3k -> Boss Chorus -> Boss DD7 -> TC Hall of Fame -> DI/Preamp

    Kinda sucks having to lose all the fun & epic stuff for the fly rigs but it's either that or taking chances with cargo :p

    EDIT: When talking about multi effects, I mean stuff that's more or less pedal-sized. E.g. Helix would be quite nice otherwise, but I still haven't found a MFX unit that does distortion to my liking :)

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  2. I bought it when it was released, maxed it out and would buy it again. The Eventide algorithms are very special so if you like them, there is no alternative I know off. The new algorithms for the H9 like sculpt do distortion very good, I war really surprised 'cause it isn't exactly what Eventide is known for.
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    Buy a used Max and save 100-200 bucks depending on where you buy it.

    It's only worth if you think it is.

    For me the answer is no, it's not not because I barely use mine. However others use theirs constantly.

    It's a great pedal with a ton of really good sounds or amazing sounds.

    I'd just recommend if you're going to get one, don't over commit to the idea of keeping it forever. You can always sell it. :)
  4. Thanks! I posted a new thread about optimizing the travel rig in general to keep this one more focused on the H9. I'm a bit worried about the one algorithm at a time -thing, since there are times when I need to have a chorus, delay and a reverb on. I know there's a modverbdelay -algo or something that does it on the H9, but that sounds like a potential issue for me re: tweakability and makes me rethink if the H9 is what I need. What are your experiences on that? I could go for having the H9 for delay and reverb (and random stuff) and have a separate chorus, but that wouldn't be ideal.
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    I use the H9 as more of an ultimate Whammy, but you may be right about that shortcoming of the H9 regarding running multiple engines at once.

    Your best bet is to browse through the library of those modverbdelay presets and see if any are already well suited to what you're looking for. Those Eventide guys are pretty smart, after all
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    I would hope that the xtomp sounds a lot better than the ravo, which I bought in January and returned the next day. Hotone acknowledged that it was basically unuseable.

    One of the compact zoom pedals could fill the role nicely.
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    They are not even close to the same in regards to sound.
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  9. I would go for the gold. Zoom pedals are crap compared to the Eventide.
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    While the Zoom 70CR sounds different from Eventide or Strymon pedals, it sounds pretty good to me.

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  11. Dr. Octabass

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    Dec 28, 2015
    I love mine. Some algorithms due multiple things so it's a great space saver for your board. The midi control comes in handy if you take advantage of it.