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fEARful™ Part Twelve (12)

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by greenboy, Jul 20, 2011.

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  1. greenboy


    Dec 18, 2000
    remote mountain cabin Montana
    greenboy designs: fEARful, bassic, dually, crazy88 etc
  2. atrapp


    Dec 4, 2006
    Taichung, Taiwan
  3. 3rd! (2nd reply)

    I finally have a garage I can build one of these in, now I just need money...
  4. scottbass

    scottbass Bass lines like a big, funky giant

    Jul 13, 2004
    Southern MN
    My 15/6 cut kit, drivers, etc. were shipped by Leland (Featuring Eminence Speakers, Crown Amplifiers, DIY Speaker Kits - Speaker Hardware, over 30 years Audio experience) yesterday! In a week or so I should have my very own cab of awesomeness! I had a 3-space rack (aka, airhead) incorporated onto mine, so I'll add my Ampeg SVP-PRO and my Crown XLS1500 and have the second-most-ultimate COMBO OF DOOM! Ultimate would be, of course, a 1515/66, but space & weight considerations prevailed. Besides, any gig I will ever play where a 15/6 with 1,000+ watts would be inadequate will obviously have PA support.
  5. mikeddd

    mikeddd Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2009
    San Antonio, TX
    And you'll need quite a bit more than before, unfortunately. The price of neodymium drivers has basically doubled. I wish I'd have bought my drivers back in the spring. I'm only able to build one b/c I'm selling off most of my guitar equipment.
  6. dhomer

    dhomer Commercial User

    Apr 9, 2009
    Hickory Corners, MI
    Owner, Gigmaster Soundworks, Auth. greenboy designs builder, MI
    Thing is, even w/the price of components the way they are, fEARful is IMO still the best bang for the buck.. It's like bassplayer Beano.. no more GAS... Invest once, have great sound for life..
  7. BurningSkies

    BurningSkies CRAZY BALDHEAD

    Feb 20, 2005
    Seweracuse, NY

    A quick picture for motivation purposes.

    Most recent show: Outdoor festival stage, running both 15/6+15/sub with Peavey IPR-3000 bridged for the full 3Kw of power. Clean and clear with big lows at extremely loud volume. At one point both the monitor and FOH engineers came up with flashlights in hand to check out the speakers and boxes...They'd never seen such a rig.

    They ran 2 lines from my setup. They took a DI from my Kern, and also mic'ed the 15/6 right near the 6" speaker. The FOH sound man, when I told him it was a 2-way setup jumped at the chance to get the lows from the DI and mid/high definition from the speaker.
  8. Yeah, even after the price increase on the Neos, A fEARful is still only a little more expensive than an Acme Low-B cab, which would be my second choice. I really want a transparent cab, and the fEARful is pretty affordable actually in that regard.

    Plus, if I buy it in pieces, it'll be easier on the wallet.

    Also, I get the experience of putting together a bass cab, which sounds like a good learning experience (and a lot of fun!)
  9. 3506string


    Nov 18, 2004
    Lawton, OK
    The price of the drivers had doubled but they have come down a bit.

    A quick search I found 3015lf $205 shipped

    EMINENCE KAPPALITE 3015LF 15" Neodymium Subwoofer 900W - eBay (item 190551779259 end time Aug-03-11 08:31:50 PDT)

    3012lf for $270 shipped speaker hardware is out of stock but they usually have them for 250 + shipping

    Amazon.com: Eminence Kappalite 3012LF Neo 12 Driver: Electronics

    And 6nd/nm410 hasn't really changed at around $140. There was a company selling pair for this price but I believe they are all sold out.
  10. ::::BASSIST::::

    ::::BASSIST:::: Progress Not Perfection.

    Sep 2, 2004
    Vancouver, BC Canada
    My thoughts exactly.

    Bass beano indeed.... :cool:
  11. mikeddd

    mikeddd Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2009
    San Antonio, TX
    LOL@"Bass Beano" That's exactly what I'm hoping for. If I can kill my "Cab GAS" that only leaves "Bass GAS, Amp GAS & Pedals GAS" One down, four to go. :D

    My kit is shipping today; I can't wait to get started!!!
  12. Bardley


    Nov 16, 2007
    Louisville, KY
    I should be ordering a kit very soon. I will post pics when I get things rolling.
  13. After having one of these I'd only have Bass GAS and "Signal Processor" GAS...
  14. Ukiah Bass

    Ukiah Bass

    May 10, 2006
    I'm using "nEarful" cabs built by Don @ LDS and have only experienced exhilaration, never indigestion. Thanks Greenboy for showing us the way!

  15. 4Mal

    4Mal Supporting Member

    Jun 2, 2002
    Columbia River Gorge
    Hey fEarful'ites [DEL]I'm looking for an Alpha 6 or AlphaLite 6 in 8 ohms - pretty quickly. If anyone has one to unload, lemme know otherwise I call Parts Express, etc [/DEL]...

    Snagged one from Leland

  16. mikeddd

    mikeddd Supporting Member

    Nov 12, 2009
    San Antonio, TX
    4Mal: You should sign up at GBs forums and post there too. Can't hurt. Good luck.

  17. edwinhurwitz

    edwinhurwitz Supporting Member

    May 13, 2003
    Boulder, CO
    Endorsing Artist: DR Strings, SMS, D-TAR
  18. JdoubleH

    JdoubleH Cold, Daring. No flies on me. Supporting Member

    Jul 10, 2008
    Columbus, GA

    Still trying to convince myself to build a 15/6 first instead of a 12/6. I've got small and light covered with my shuttle 6 12t combo + ext cab. If I need more than the 15/6, I could build the 12/6 cube ( or 15 sub) later.

    Money in hand... Still can't decide. I have a sneaking suspicion a pair of 12/6's would be all I'd ever need (and everything my genz 12t's aren't). But I do have my marriage to consider. So it may just have to be one for now.
  19. ronaldpdbrandt

    ronaldpdbrandt Supporting Member

    Mar 3, 2011
    Suffolk County, NY
    Sponsored by The Letter Z
    I finally got the time (and the courage) to put the crossover together, and it was easier than I thought it would be! Now I just need to wire everything up and seal the cabinet.

    Here's the crossover (6ND410 above, 3012LF below):
    100_1051. :hyper::hyper:
  20. FunkySpoo

    FunkySpoo Supporting Member

    Feb 6, 2002
    If only I had the time, the tools, the talent, the patience and the courage to try building one of these. I do have a garage though. So I do at least have the space.

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