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  1. anyone played one of these babies? they look orgasmic, but the single humbucker kinda makes it look plain, i could marry the fretboard though, and dont be surprised if i do. its amazing. i've been trying to look for one locally even though i have a very serious disorder called lazy ass and havnt looked anywhere else besides my GC. anyways, i'm curious to know how the humbucker sounds
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    Jun 26, 2005
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    i just ordered the big block p-bass from fender thru guitar center. supposedly no guitar center in the country has one.

    GC owns musiciansfriend.com, but can not get product off the website, nor could i used my guitar center gift cards on musiciansfriend.com

    i was given a few hundred bucks in GC gift cards for x-mas from various family members. my original goal was to buy a dean pace upright, but GC is not a dean dealer. even though GC owns musician's friend (who carries the dean pace) they could not get it for me.

    i went to many GCs around DFW but nothing jumped out at me used or new for what i was willing to spend (under 800). so i ordered the big block bass. it'll take about @30-45 days to get here :crying: i'll review the bass for TBers it once i play it both in live and rehearsal.

    i got the big block because i like the blocks (like my geddy) and i am a fan of the G&L 1000, and the stingray and this seemed like a good fender stab at those basses. i need an active EQ bass anyhow.

    i wish it came in another color other than black and was 24 frets, and there is no reason for a coil tap. fender still needs to re-release the precision elite!

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    Music 123 has them for $769.

  4. lookin' forward to that review, i havn't even been able to find reviews on it. i'd be bummed out if i had to wait that long for a bass. and i've decided that GC is evil and not worth the time, + their ****ty ass customer support
  5. (Is it just me or does this thread come up once every two weeks?)

    My friend has one of these- I don't know why he bought it, but he did (all for looks). It's not a bad bass- better than your average P-Bass at least. Whenever I play it, I say to myself, "Wow! It's almost a Stingray!".

    I wouldn't recommend buying it- just have one of your friends get it so you can go over to his house and play it all the time (like me! :D ).
  6. it depends on where you go. Not ALL GC's are bad...