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  1. There is a Fender BXR 300C at my school that has been non functional for about 2 years. It may get taken to a shop at some point, but I'm wondering if I could fix it myself and spare the music program some funds. There is no outside damage beyond a ripped up grille cloth, and I have noted these things:

    It turns on, the fan spins up, and it faintly hums when turned on, which I assume is just the noise of the amp being active. However, it makes zero noise (except the hum) when I try to play through it, no matter the volume. I have tried both inputs.

    It isn't a lot of info, but I am inexperienced with amps in general, and do not really know what to look for. Any idea what could be wrong with it or what to look for? Help is very appreciated.
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    Something super easy you can try is patching the effects loop. That means to simply plug a guitar cord in between the preamp out & poweramp in jacks. If that instantly gets the amp working again, you could just leave a short cord plugged in there permanently.
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  3. Well, I tried your method, and it did indeed work. It started making an audible sound at about 9 o clock on the volume. However, slightly past thus volume, the speaker (not cab or amp) began to shake back and forth quite violently until I turned it off. It made a deep rumbling sound when doing this. Does this mean the speaker is broken? Will it need to be replaced? Apologies if I don't respond immediately, I am at school.
  4. In addition, I tried turning the bass all the way off, and I didn't get any noise playing from it. When I turned it up again, the speaker resumed it's violent shaking and pulsing.
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    Tech Time - sorry. :(
  6. I'm not too bothered by it, I just wanted to know if I could save the school some money. Oh well, them's the breaks I suppose.
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