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Fender Deluxe P/J Bass

Discussion in 'Bass Central' started by telegramsam_123, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. telegramsam_123


    Dec 19, 2011
    Fender Deluxe P/J Bass
    Anyone actually own or try this puppy here?

    “A deluxe version of Fender's best-of-both-worlds bass.” ???
    [So they say]

    Just one retailer of many that have it, all about the same price too btw:
    Fender Deluxe P Bass Special 4-String Bass: Shop Bass & Other Musical Instruments | Musician's Friend

    I think this bass has a lot going on for it at first glance and it is affordable [$699.00 +GB]
    I’m looking at it for a work horse. I think from what I see it should be equally suited for studio or gigs.
    Plan on trying it out in Harrisburg but it is a bit of a hike [G.C.]

    Fender Deluxe P Bass Special 4-String Bass and more 4 String Electric Bass at GuitarCenter.com.
    they have it in stock.

    Comments welcome


    Does anyone know where they are made? my guess MIM
  2. StrangerDanger

    StrangerDanger Supporting Member

    Jan 3, 2010
    This is not the right forum. This is a forum for the retailer Bass Central. If you go to the basses forum and do a search you will find lots of info on the bass you seek. FYI, they are MIM and active (basses with a battery) which are two big negatives in my book. The ones I have played felt cheap and sounded worse but Im sure as with anything here, you will find folks that swear by them. With the $700 plus tax and shipping, you could easily buy a used MIA Fender and have the J pup routed. Just my .02 and welcome to the board.
  3. telegramsam_123


    Dec 19, 2011
    thanks StrangerDanger,
    I'll look for the info in basses forum.
    Ibenaz may have better basses less than $1000. too.
    thanks for your two cents

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