Fender Fidelitron vs. TV Jones: Rout Dimensions?

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    Hi -

    I've got a loose Fender Fidelitron Cabronita bass pickup that I'm planning to install in an old Squier P body in place of the split P, in the Precision D-G coil spot. The gory details will be covered with a custom-made Precision-profile pickguard.

    My question is: Can anyone confirm/deny that a TV Jones routing template will work to make a cavity that will fit the Fidelitron? see: http://store.tvjones.com/router-template---ne-filtertron-p76.aspx

  2. eldoryder

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    Jun 27, 2011
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    I am also interested in an answer to this question. I have recently purchased a Squier Cabronita Precision bass pickup and I am considering trying it out in my Mikey Way Mustang. I have no idea until it arrives whether it will fit the existing space, or will need routing out the original cavity provided for the Fender-designed humbucker. If so, being able to use a template would certainly be easier.

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    I don't know if this helps at all, but when I spoke to TV Jones about replacing the stock MIM Fender Cabronita Fidelitron with a TV Jones model they "thought" the Fidelitron was larger than their pick-up.
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    fender is making pickups in cuba now? banana. :cigar:
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    Oct 31, 2008
    Measurements I've seen for the Fidelitron are 2.833" x 1.392" x .821"