Finally decided the Mighty Mite neck was too pale

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    Feb 10, 2017
    Built a jazz partsbass a few years ago. GFS royal pawlonia red burst body, Mighty Mite bass neck, 18V Bartolini pups, concentric knobs so I could get the 4 pots needed without having to decide where and how to mount #4, Fender WBW MIA PG and Fender and misc. HW.

    Yesterday I took the strings off the bass, took the tuners and tree off the headstock and gave it some coats of tung oil.

    First coat really highlighted the grain, but considering the neck was still almost white it didn't take much. Did 6 coats, waiting 10+ minutes between them then buffed with a dry rag.

    Looks wise I'm satisfied. Didn't want to go too dark as it might continue to yellow. If it doesn't I can always add more coats, but it would be hard to get it lighter.

    The only thing is the neck is super tacky right now. Hoping it'll dry, since the neck (while looking like crap) was really fast.

    Tonight I gave it another buff with the dry rag and attempted to put the strings back on. As I was tightening the D it snapped.

    Don't keep extra sets on hand since they last a decent amount of time and they're a little expensive. So I ordered my regular brand but in a slightly different flavor. DR Lo Riders in a heavier gauge than what I'd been using. Before I was playing mediums, and the open E felt a little floppy.
  2. BassholeKI


    Feb 10, 2017
    Today I was looking at the neck and decided it was still a little too pale. So I took the tuners and tree off again and hit it with one more decent coat of tung oil.

    After 10 minutes I checked it, and it was still a little tacky and had places where the oil had dried rough with some bubbles in it.

    Nice thing was where I had to remove some wood to get it narrow enough for the GFS neck pocket took the tung oil as well as the stuff that had been finished next to it, so unless you're inspecting with a jeweler's loop or running your finger along the pocket/neck surface you won't notice it.

    Used a new kitchen non-scratching plastic scrubber thing to go with the grain. Another 10 minutes and it was dark enough (for now) and felt pretty fast.

    Won't know until I get her strung and play, but should be good.
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    Posting something like this without any pics is against some rule. I think. :)
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    Feb 10, 2017
    You're right.

    Didn't take a close up of the neck before I started putting on the tung oil, but I do have a pic of the entire thing.

    I'll get close up pics and post them tomorrow.
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    I clicked for pics.
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