First build questions? Help me?

Discussion in 'Luthier's Corner' started by bluesy_92, Jan 28, 2009.

  1. bluesy_92


    Aug 25, 2008
    Ok, so my Squier Vintage Modified Series P-Bass died.... the truss rod went about a week ago, and the body has some stripped wood (I ended up replacing the #6 bridge screws wit #7, wich actually do exist.)

    So, long story short, it is nothing. dead neck, dead body, blah. But, I always wanted to build my own bass. Now, I see parts and potential....hardware, straploks, a pickguard, pickups, and hopefully potential. Instead of getting a new bass, I would like to buy a body and neck from Warmoth, finish the body trans red in my body shop (I love going to a tech school and being in a class that lets me use all their resources.....) and put the electronics and hardware from my current bass in them. That brings up questions about Warmoth....

    First off, I heard Squier and fender bridges have different screw spacing, so a brigde designed for a Squier won't fit a Fender body, and vice-versa, is that true? If it is, should I fill and drill the body, or just buy a Fender bridge?

    What holes, besides the bridge screws, come pre-drilled? Pickup screws, pickguard, strap buttons?

    How does the neck come? Is it already radiused and fretted? Does it have holes for the tuners? If yes, will squier tuners fit?

    Does Warmoth make good quality parts?

    I'm good enough with tools and a spraygun to sand and finish the body to what I want and install the hardware. My dad has a luthier in his band, who can do the electronics, dress the frets, and do a set-up. My taxes (only 16, but still getting $280) are coming in soon, and can be put towards a body and neck. It seems my knowledge of parts is all thats holding me back, so answers to the above questions and advice about my first build would be helpful. Thanks, and if I do get the money and parts to eventually build a bass, I'll post pics.
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    Warmoth makes really good quality stuff. They're also set up for semi-custom work, meaning that you can call them on the phone, explain what you're doing, and they can (likely) accomodate you pretty well. They will, for instance, drill (or not) the bridge/knob/neck holes for you, and do whatever pickup routing you ask them to.

    As far as reusing your old hardware, just take careful measurements of the pieces (tuner bushings, bridge screw spacing, etc.) and either ask Warmoth to match those dimensions, or drill them yourself afterward.

    You really have a lot of flexibility here, so don't be afraid to pick up the phone and begin!

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