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FMI Update

Discussion in 'Rockabilly [DB]' started by Roadking, Mar 19, 2009.

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    OK, I finally found a place on Long Island That does not have a website or advertise anywhere, It has been in business from the looks of things there for at least 50+ years.
    Has anyone ever heard of Scott Russ Music inc.
    I found him through a friend located in Freeport Long Island,
    He had about 25 to 30 Double Basses in stock new and used,
    He sets them up for the most part everyone had an adjustable bridge,
    When I asked him where they are made He told me Sri-Lanka
    NOW! for the life of me I cannot find anything on any basses made in Sri-Lanka I serched hi and lo and found nothing!

    Now he showed me one with an ebony finger board, 26/1 tuners, Adjustable bridge that he worked, and told me it had some kind of special edging (I don't remember. .double Kerfing?) best way to explain it is that it looked like it had a molding around the bass, under the top of the body he said it allowed for a thinner wood to be used and less ribs, resulting in a better sound, OK Enough
    It did sound real good IMO action was Super Low, I did not care for the dark cherrywood but he showed me the cheapest then the next and then this one for $1200,
    SRI - LANKA is he pulling my leg? And just trying to sell me a Chinese import?

    Thanks, Frank

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