Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 clipping

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  1. recode


    Sep 10, 2013
    Hello guys, i recently just got my 2i2 and it is working absolutely fine, but it is clipping when i plug instrument directly into it even when gain is set very low, it is not clipping all the time when i play, but still it is clipping. Any solution what to do? i just want to record clean signal, as clean as possible, because i want to use software amps or reamp the signal later. and btw is it worth changing 2i2 to 2i4 and what else u can recommend?
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    Mar 13, 2014
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    Active bass? The 2i2 is known to do that. You could use a direct box to knock the signal down a bit. Or maybe find a cheap -10dB passive attenuator. The 2i4 would of course also solve the problem as you mention. I bought the 2i4 instead of the 2i2 partly for this very reason. HTH

    Edit: Or if you're handy with a soldering iron, you can make your own passive attenuator cable. It's just a resistor in series with the 1/4" tip connection. I think the input impedence on the 2i2 is 2K ohms.
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  3. Same issue here. Even worse when recording a guitar (clips with Gain set to zero).

    I use a compressor/preamp/DI as workaround. In the long run I'll try to get another Interface.
  4. recode


    Sep 10, 2013
    Thanks for replies guys. I think I'll go for 2i4 instead if 2i2, feel free to suggest any other audio interface in that price range.
  5. When my 212 input is clipping, it's usually because the "line/inst" switch is in the wrong position. I really like this box except that the switch is nearly impossible to see without a flashlight. It's directly under the input gain knob which creates a shadow on the switch.
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  6. Ender_rpm


    Apr 18, 2004
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    I went with the 2i4 for this very reason. 2i2 is really more for DJs or keys, where the signals are not as dynamic, IMO.
  7. Another vote for the 2i4. It delivers very good results and having the Pad is extremely useful and makes the audio interface much more adaptable. All active basses I have used tend to have a very hot signal and the same is true for some DI's (e.g. Darkglass B7K).
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    I use a DI and/or a VT Bass pedal and a little compression in front of the 2i2 input. Also, note carefully the position of the line/inst switch as Freightshaker stated above. You want "inst" for a bass. I am using a passive Jazz or an active Sadowsky. Results are good.
  9. tobias3469

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    Sep 28, 2013
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    I use a 2i4. The pad is absolutely necessary for tracking active basses.