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    Sep 20, 2011
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    a have a UPS my something account - that's the personal account that lets you track packages with times rather than just dates and sends you emails when they're on the way or our for delivery.

    well, i have an email address i've been using for over 20 years that gets a lot of political spam, so it's hard to see emails i might actually want to read. i wanted to change my UPS account, but although it let me fill in a new email address, when i submitted, it would just run and run and never worked.

    so i called UPS. the woman said she looked it up, and she told me that your email address for that kind of account cannot be changed - you can only delete it and create it over.


    i just went back, found a different section and successfully changed my email - and it did change it... in that section only. not in my main profile.
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    Sep 20, 2011
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    alas, it was only a partial win. it changed in only in that section, not the main section * sigh *
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    Yeah, I have an old, almost unused email because of things like this. Each morning I cull spam.
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