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Free homemade high quality tabs at www.ilovetabs.com

Discussion in 'Tablature and Notation [BG]' started by Etienne38, Feb 16, 2010.

  1. Hi friends.

    I posted some time ago a little ad for my blog, so I won't repeat what I told you there

    The purpose of this post here now is to keep you updated each time I post a new tab, because as the site is in french, I understand it is not easy for you to browse inside and find what you are looking for.

    As I posted yesterday the 50th tab on the blog (created two months ago) :hyper: and as I am motivated to continue (but have no time to translate the whole blog), I will just post here when a new tab will be added.

    So, here is the 51st :

    Alain Souchon : Foule Sentimentale

    Difficulty : Quite Easy

    The video used to write it down

    The article with the tab on the blog

    You can read my dummy comments to learn french :bag:
    or directly click on the link "la tablature" to get the tab.

    Have a nice bassline :)


    Hello !

    I am very proud to announce you the opening of my own tabs site, www.ilovetabs.com replacing my original blog basse.over-blog.com

    Main improvement for you is that ENGLISH VERSION IS AVAILABLE

    This is a beta version, lot of stuff will be added, but I preferred to open it as soon as possible, even if all the features were not yet available, because the main purpose is to go on writing tabs (and I will add shiny features later)

    If you encounter some navigating issue or incorrect display of the tabs, please tell me your OS, your browser and send me some comments and screenshot if possible.

    I will now listen to all the request you made (over hundred now) and restart to write tabs :)

    See you and I hope you will enjoy your future visits
  2. Nice request I received, let's go back to 60's :)
    It was difficult to hear the bass because the piano is playing a walking bass part too, and the guitar is quite loud sometimes.
    Anyway, I think I succeeded, so here you are if you are a beginner :

    Elvis Presley : Don't Be Cruel (Very Easy)

    The vidéo I used to write the tab
  3. Veeeery nice and sexy bassline here which I looooved since the day I began playing bass (when I was not able to even think to play it)

    Today, after two months, I am at least able to write down the tab ! :D

    I will probably soon start to work it, and here I am to share it with you.

    France Gall : Tout Pour La Musique (Difficulty : Quite Difficult)

    The video used to write it down.
  4. DeanT

    DeanT Send lawyers, guns and money...

    Etienne, thank you for the TABs. They are appreciated. I especially like the fact that you also post links to the video of the artist where possible.

    My French is a bit rusty, but I haven't had a problem navigating your site yet.
  5. Thank you very much for your feedback Dean, it is highly appreciated too, and I am then sure to continue updating this post ;-)

    The first time I put the video link, (I don't remember for which song) it was because I found many versions of this song, but in different tones, and I would be VERY frustrated to have a comment like "Yo dude, you are completely false with you dummy tab ahah go to music school back or tune your ear" :scowl:, so, I put the video to be sure that the people will appreciate that the tab (most of them actually, some are really tricky) are matching very closely to the song.

    After that, I realized that it was also interesting because some songs are VERY difficult to find with good quality.

    Another reason too is that some songs are much easier to find performed during a live exhibition (and often, improvisation is common in them), so I prefer to use the original song, as the people who have the cd probably don't have live versions like you can find on youtube.

    Last but not least, it is soooooo easy and quick to just click and discover the song when you don't know it, so even if you don't like it and don't want to study/play it, then you only lost less than one minute of your time. Because of that, I bet that more people will listen to the song, so more people will discover/like/appreciate/love it, so more people will think "wouaw, Etienne is so cool" :D:D:D AHAH this is humour from Belgium :bag:

    And because I have to find it myself on youtube for most of the songs, it is not a big work to copy and paste it into the post ;)

    Another interesting way should be to post only the audio with an embedded player on the web page, so you just click inside the post and you don't go out the site. Anyway I like to go on youtube, because if you like the song, you can continue to explore with similar artists, and discover yourself music you don't know (to listen to, or to play bass, no matter). This is why I stick to the youtube link.

    In the future, I will try to explore new horizons, like metal, punk, reggae, ska, because I have no idea of good and bassline-interesting (and quite easy) songs in these kind of music which I don't know at all.

    I love feedback, so don't hesitate to tell me which do you prefer, which song you would love to have, ...
  6. DeanT

    DeanT Send lawyers, guns and money...

    I like the fact that you post TABs of different types of music. I like exploring all types and genres.
  7. Nice surprise requested by jcphockey16 (thank you for this idea). I like that simple bassline, cool and calm, interesting to learn to control the regularity of the sound.

    Rebelution : More Than Dub (Difficulty : Easy)

    The video

    Have a nice and deep groooove
  8. Hello ! Here is a new request with a good cool bassline which make us tapping the foot on the ground or even dancing.

    Ben Harper : In The Colors
    The video I used to write the tab

    There are other places to play on the neck, so don't hesitate to do some remarks and advices. I guess there are better way to position the left hand.
  9. snitsky


    Feb 24, 2010
    hello everyone!!!!!!!!! quick question, when reading tab and u see the symbol R on a string to be played what does that mean? im new to bass playing and was trying to look over some tabs for bark at the moon and the intro has the letter R on the A string? can someone please explain> thanks
  10. I would say "Release", but without seeing the tab, it is difficult.
    I think you should create a new post for that instead of replying in other posts because your question is not related at all :scowl:
  11. DeanT

    DeanT Send lawyers, guns and money...

    While you should have started a separate thread on this, here are some common symbols used in TAB:

    x mute
    b bend
    r release
    h hammer on left hand
    p pull off left hand
    s slide
    / slide up
    \ slide down
    ~ vibrato
    (h) harmonic
    (ph) pinch harmonic
    >< pinch string
    ** repeat
    Finger Tapping
    t tap left hand
    T tap right hand
    H hammer on right hand
    P pull off right hand
    Above and below the tab
    v pick downward
    ^ pick upward
    1 index finger, left hand
    2 middle finger, left hand
    3 ring finger, left hand
    4 pinky, left hand
    [1] index finger, right hand
    [2] middle finger, right hand
    [3] ring finger, right hand
    [4] pinky, right hand
  12. A legendary slow rock, let the music flood you.

    Scorpions : Wind Of Change (Difficulty : Easy)

    [URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bcPoGhZXQ-A]The video[/url]
  13. A request from this forum, which immediately seduced me, for the funky bassline which is really cool despite of it is easy, but also for the text :ninja: (fortunately because it was very long to write. The song is 6 minutes 40 secondes long...)

    Funk Vigilante : Worst President Ever (Difficulty : Easy)

    The video used to write it
  14. EriktheRed


    Dec 13, 2008
    Northern IL
    My French is also a bit rusty. Is the "rechercher" section in the upper left corner for searching?

    I was looking for any AC/DC tabs you might have on there. If you do have some, how did you spell their name? On other sites it's sometimes AD/DC, other times ACDC. Every now and then it's even AC-DC.