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  1. so i have a oxygen 8 midi keyboard but no synth programs, i dont got the cash for reason right now. wats some free synth programs.
  2. Try this

    Piles of free synths (and effects) here

    Triangle II is a good free synth, as is Crystal

    (You should be able to grab them from KVR)
  3. naughtry


    Jan 31, 2004
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    they got some freeware that runs standalone and should be good, I own the Pentagon and Z3ta+ which are amazing. If you dont have a VST/Direct X host yet your going to need something that runs standalone.
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  5. i just got a appple laptop, iam having trouble find a vsti host, i just need to run oen at a time
  6. naughtry


    Jan 31, 2004
    NYC / D.C.
    Mac/Apple is a little different, Logic has now converted to Audio Units or something. I really don't know that much about Macs but try here:

    All the synths are under virtual instruments, you'd have to look into which ones run standalone.