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Fretboard flex in Thumb position

Discussion in 'Setup & Repair [DB]' started by Composer76, Jul 15, 2004.

  1. It makes sense to me that the fingerboard may have a minute flex when playing very high in thumb position. It mainly does it on the E and A strings. Is this something that happens on most basses? Should I get it looked at? I am probably being overly cautious I am a new player on my new instrument. I just want to make sure everything is on the up and up
  2. Your fingerboard (doublebasses do not have fretboards) may be a little thin. Ask your teacher or bass luthier to check it out. A little flex is acceptable, but they can tell you if it is too much.
  3. I should say that this happens primarily when playing funk style grooves or slapping with my right hand. It isn't a lot of flex at all, but last night I zoned out on my right hand for a while and realized that it was happening.
  4. Way to go Composer! Your attitude about changing the fretboard to fingerboard as Bob explains, says alot about you!!!! Everything IS on the up and up with an attitude like that! :)
    Your edit is obvious!!!
  5. Thanks Paul! I suppose I have a limited knowledge of the jargon but I am learning.
  6. The point i'm trying to make with you is that not only Did you CARE enough about your instrument to go back in and edit out your incorrect use of the term after being corrected by Bob, but more importantly you were ALERT enough to see it all.
    I guess part of my need to spread around the correct name for all things double bass, but also respect for the luthiers as well as the basses themselves.
    One that'll get me goin' as well is the term HEADSTOCK. Look at a well carved scroll sometime to just notice the artistic value....not to mention the amount of time and talent it takes to carve one out of a piece of hard curly maple.
    Or look at Jeffs lion head scroll (Basses then the talkbasses) and make yourself call it a headstock!

    I do go on don't I? :rolleyes: Anyway, thanks for caring! Congratulations!!