Friday the 13th

Discussion in 'Off Topic [BG]' started by BuffaloMO, Oct 13, 2006.

  1. BuffaloMO


    May 26, 2005
    Land of OZ
    Here is something very interesting....

    Today is Friday the 13th which if you add all the numbers for today it will equal 13

    The last time this happened was Friday, January 13, 1520!

    Maybe it will make it a lucky day. Let's hope! :D
  2. Tony G

    Tony G

    Jan 20, 2006
    Huh, thats cool. It will either be a lucky day, or a sign of the apocalypse...:bag:
  3. SnoMan

    SnoMan Words Words Words

    Jan 27, 2001
    Charleston, WV
    Wow, I don't care.
  4. JanusZarate

    JanusZarate Low End Avenger

    Feb 21, 2006
    Boise, ID, USA
    My Friday the 13ths usually rock.

    It's the Thursday the 12ths that suck...
  5. Baryonyx

    Baryonyx Inactive

    Jul 11, 2005
    Marathon Man
    I'm going to a party tonight so hopefully it won't be unlucky!
  6. jady


    Jul 21, 2006
    Modesto, CA
    Fri the 13th has always been good days for me, Hmmmm
  7. I was hurling yesterday, so today I am home from school, I think my stomach lost track of the day and went one day too soon
  8. Musiclogic

    Musiclogic Commercial User

    Aug 6, 2005
    Southwest Michigan
    Owner/Builder: HJC Customs USA, The Cool Lute, C G O
    just another day ....ho hum
  9. labgnat

    labgnat Inactive

    Oct 29, 2005
    outta this world
    wow i forgot it was even the 13th till it's over, oh well today was nice easy day at work
  10. Poop-Loops

    Poop-Loops Inactive

    Mar 3, 2006
    Auburn, Washington
    Unless you're a Knight Templar, I wouldn't worry about it.
  11. Joey3313


    Nov 28, 2003
    Today is actually my 18th not really that bad of a day for me...crazy Friday the 13th...
  12. AdlerAugen


    Aug 9, 2006
    13 is not really unlucky, it's just some mythological make-believe with no significance to modern times. My day was actually pretty good considering I'm just getting over food poisoning...I had my first real food today since Tuesday...|)@/\/\n that chicken sandwich from work.
  13. it's just another day imo...
  14. Well

    Work flew by for me and was dead easy for a change, and i won at poker that night, so i guess it was a good day for me!
  15. jobu3

    jobu3 ¿Huevos?!

    Feb 17, 2002
    Mountain Top, PA
    CH CH CH KA KA KA...

    MAJOR METAL The Beagle Father Supporting Member

    I survived another day !
  17. Hehe, In my culture and religon(Muslim) Friday is regarded as the holy day of the week, where everyone is supposed to do good work,so people look forward to friday here...its kinda like sunday for Christians...
  18. Poop-Loops

    Poop-Loops Inactive

    Mar 3, 2006
    Auburn, Washington

  19. canopener


    Sep 15, 2003
    Isle of Lucy
  20. jobu3

    jobu3 ¿Huevos?!

    Feb 17, 2002
    Mountain Top, PA
    Jason eats Knights of Templar for breakfast...
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