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  1. Love to find a 2K Bee somewhere, but I'm using a DOD FLASHBACK FUZZ which works really well.

    I really would like a little more warmth in it though (Think: "Don't Worry About Me"/Marty Robbins) so it wouldn't sound so modern.

    What's out there that keeps some better warmth in the fuzz?

    Thinking something MXR, if that's a good version.

    PS . . . if anyone wants to mention the song, and brand of their fuzz/stomp they use, that would be nice for reference too. Uh, no metal, Indy, industrial, etc as I won't likely know any of them and prolly wouldn't want to listen to any of them anyway.

  2. i use the mr best octave deluxe. keeps you lowend untouched and effects the mid and highs. idk about if it's warm or a fuzz that is warm. it's a good begining fuzz with a vintage tone, 70's tone.
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    I would assume you mean the MXR Bass Fuzz Deluxe
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    Try the electroharmonix bass big muff pi deluxe. It beats the regular bass big muff because it has a blend so you can dial in exactly how much dry/dirty signal you want. Plus it's got that nice muff fuzz!