FX Loop advice with the GED-2112 rack unit

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    Oct 4, 2013
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    So I have a rather specific question regarding this unit. I love the sounds I can get with the parallel nature of this preamp, being able to blend the Drive section (with effects in the loop like flanger, chorus, etc) and the Deep. It really makes for a crispy top end with a full bottom end. My full signal chain is this:

    Bass > TU-3 > TC Spectracomp > TC Sub n' Up octaver > Boss ODB-3 > GED input > FX Loop > Boss BF-2 > Donner chorus > Carvin R600 FX return > XLR output, post EQ

    Now, doing things this way with the ODB-3 in front of the preamp, I am losing the clean Deep channel because both channels are getting overdriven. Same with the octaver. Would it be better to put the ODB-3/Octaver in the FX loop of the Drive section? In order to preserve the Deep channel and be able to really dial in a rich low end.
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    The effects loop works on the Drive channel only. Just experiment and see how you like running various effects in the loop.
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    May 24, 2015
    I'll never get rid of this preamp just because of its flexibility. I experimented with about every connection possible last year, it really is amazing what you can do with it. I contacted Tech 21 with many different questions and this is what I ended up doing. I have a hot bass, passive but hot, so off the bat I noticed more headroom and drive adjustability by simply using one of the padded rear inputs. I then tried running two compressors, one main and one that covered both channels but was shut down due to phase being opposite, so I just went with one. The way I use the drive on this preamp is turn it up, soon as it starts to break I back it off. So I can control the break up with my fingers/dynamics by digging it or even bringing my PU volume up. I too had a compressor (Diamond Bass comp) on the front end before the preamp, at first, but then I noticed that after setting up the drive channel like that the compressor made the tube "effect" (SansAmp) basically off and then on, no progression (it was doing what it was supposed to do, level). I put it after the preamp but I loose my XLR that way, but it worked pretty good. I noticed that putting the comp in the FX loop sounded the best, and after confirming with Tech 21 anything in the loop is post EQ and SansAmp circuit, so they won't effect the emulation. Now you don't get comp on your deep channel but I never really needed that, I do however use a HPF before the preamp @ 50hz 18db/oct. I've really found if you leave the deep alone the entire mix sounds better as well, I don't use over drive or distortion but everything else, chorus, envelope, synth has sounded great through the drive only, via FX loop. The saturation sounds better and more like power tube warmth if you don't add anything to it, especially with it cranked, the saturation.

    I don't currently use this preamp, but it will be a hard one to ever let go, there are so many ways to run it, even connecting the unaffected line out into the FX return for a flatter vintage sound, very nice with a P or PJ.
    Geddy Lee model or not its a very nice put together preamp, everything I do now is parallel because of it. They just need to make a real valve model but of course that not what they're about, that deep channel though sounds amazing if you EQ it just right ( I wish they had more EQ on that channel as well )

    Of course you're millage may vary, but definitely take advantage of that FX loop and use a HPF
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