G&L L-2000 Neck Questions

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  1. mcdisease


    Feb 5, 2007
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    IMG_20180723_004750.jpg IMG_20180723_004853.jpg So I picked up this "eBay Special" 2008 G&L L-2000 and have some questions about the neck. Have any of you guys seen anything like this?
    • It doesn't have a string tree/retainer. Is this normal or a custom feature or something less desirable?
    • There is a visible gap between the fretboard and the truss rod. Why is there any extra space in there? Is this okay?
    I attached some pictures.
  2. Is it new?

    Could be a replacement neck? String tree was maybe overlooked when the neck was installed? At any rate, it should have a string retainer. I would add one of those triple Hipshot ones. They work great and improve the A string on any Fender style bass.

    I shouldn't think the truss rod nut would be an issue as long as the rod works and the neck adjusts okay.
  3. Not sure on the string tree, I’d expect one. If the neck is straight and the truss rod will hold it in position when you move the neck, it’s fine. The nut doesn't have to be against the bottom of the fretboard. In fact, depending on the type of rod, the nut can move around a bit because it’s working. I’ve got an old SD Curlee that the truss rod nut is off to the treble side of the access slot in the body to where I almost can’t get a wrench on it but the neck is very stable and seldom needs to be adjusted.
  4. mcdisease


    Feb 5, 2007
    Phoenix, AZ
    The body is stamped 2008 and the neck serial number is approximately the same age. But I guess it could have been a replacement neck.
    It also had a bad nut replacement. It was like a blank with 4 notches cut out. I switched it with a GraphTech TUSQ XL. I think replaced neck is the best guess.

    I think the Hipshot will look great without a second string retainer. Thanks for the suggestion.

    The bass sounds great, but needs a proper setup so it plays like crap. The truss rod adjusts the neck normally.
  5. The bass sounds great, but needs a proper setup so it plays like crap.

    Unless it's REALLY bad now, I hope it plays better than crap after a setup.:smug:
  6. shaboda

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    Apr 14, 2002
    Does the neck have a skunk stripe? I have seen bogus looking “premium” G&L basses with skunk stripes. Never saw one without a string tree either. Bizarre
  7. Fashion Phil

    Fashion Phil

    Jan 11, 2012
    I recently aquired MIA L-2000 after having Tribute for quite some time and i was totally surprised and confused by the quality of the neck pocket in the MIA one. It has massive gaps from all three sides. Indonesian tribute has a very tight pocket, so i am very surprised with the G&L and not in a good way. 7DBBFB4A-902D-44A1-B7FF-EE3A4642813C.jpeg 101A6136-A2CC-46F0-81C3-53A52CEE3F7B.jpeg
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    Do the strings show any tendency to pop out of the nut? If not, I’d leave it. It “should” have a string retainer, but may not actually need one. Play it for a while before you go drilling holes in it. It looks you wind the strings on the posts bottom up, so you are getting some break angle anyway.
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    Not meaning to derail this thread but I couldn't let it pass without commenting on the fretwork. In the OP's pic (Left side in the pic below) the fret top is flat and the end of the fret looks like it was mashed with a hammer. Compare to a decent fret on the right - nicely round-topped and properly shaped fret end.


    Now back to your regularly scheduled program.