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gating keys off of kick drum with reason

Discussion in 'Recording Gear and Equipment [BG]' started by sonic assassin, May 11, 2011.

  1. my new band is strictly a 1 guitar band. i refuse to let another in. i plan to replace that role with keys. hoping to limit myself and open new possibilities at the same time. most of the parts can be done on keys to fake a guitar when needed.

    the trouble really comes with breakdowns. theres no way that a key player is going to hit all those staccato notes through a breakdown. my plan is to run my subkick on the kick drum, through an interface and into reason, where it will be the key input for a gate. set the hold for a half a second and a decent release and no one will know its not guitar.

    trouble is.. i dont know a damn thing about reason and id like to find out if this is even possible before i try it. i have the equipment necessary if the software will allow it.

    this might get moved to live sound, but as reason is more software, i figured id ask here first

    advice? suggestions? tech advice? perhaps a simpler route? all welcome. thanks
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    A continuous high pitched squeel -siren or organ style- does fine for breakdowns.
  3. not helpful. ass. leave the sarcasm to yourself.


    Jun 16, 2010
    Rudeness will get you nowhere.
  5. seamonkey


    Aug 6, 2004
    It's too much fun not to play the guitar on keyboards:
    MusicLab | Home
  6. interesting. but its hardcore. i just need a heavily gated, heavily syncopated distorted square or saw wave working off the kick drum during breakdowns. everything else (counter melodies, pads, vocoder sounds) will be pianos and strings and normal synth work.

    it comes up because the guitar has to play a very guitar-like 2 handed tap part over the breakdown. it would be nice to be able to thicken up the rhythm section with gated keys than let it just be bass and drums. one hand of keys for that, another for playing a pad and/or triggering bass drops.
  7. Look for a tutorial on how to sidechain on Reason. Then use either a compressor or gate to duck the signal using the BD input.
  8. so i found this video

    YouTube - 52 Reason / Record Tips - Week 43: The Side-Chain Compression Effect

    which effectively uses a sidechain compressor to make a synth pump with a kick drum, which is the same effect im looking for. takes a little routing, but thats entirely doable

    now the more complicated half. can one run a signal into reason and use it to trigger the synth? they are using a programmed drum track they are playing back. i want to use an outside signal and trigger in real time.

    sorry for all the nooby questions. i REALLY suck with reason. im a logic guy, but the key player isnt.
  9. I've never used reason, let me install the demo and see how it works there. Basically you want to replace the Programmed Drum trigger for a live audio track, enabled for recording and set its output to the sidechain bus.
  10. Using Reason you have to connect the Synth to a compressor/gate input and the compressor output to a mixer channel. Then connect the drum trigger input to the compressor sidechain input, finally adjust the level to achieve the effect you want.

    It Look something like this:


    The Audio input 1 would be the Keyboard and input 2 would be the Drum Trigger
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    Jazz Ad Mi la ré sol Supporting Member

    I gave you a serious answer. The trick has been used many times.
    Feel free to find your own solutions. While you're at it, try to find some politness. It's helpful even if you play hardcore.
  12. marchisgonebass


    Aug 31, 2009
    sidechaining with input from an outside source in real time is totally do-able. im not sure how to do it in reason but its pretty simple in ableton live. if your not deadset on using reason, then i would give ableton live a try.
  13. Reason does not record, or let audio into the program, at all.. other than samples of course. Thats why Reason Record was made, so you'll be needing that or one of the other DAW's for a start!

    However, any DAW that can accept incoming audio will do the job of course...

    A few things to consider...

    Its a big shift but play the tracks to a click so the trigger can be a signal internal to reason?

    Maybe try something other than the subkick for the trigger, might end up getting messy with the bass' sub triggering the gate etc? I think some dynamic inside the kick would be a cleaner gate.

    Maybe get a super cheap hardware gate? That'll avoid lugging around a laptop and interface just for the gate fx.
    To be honest, I'd just get the key player to play a suitable alternative on the keys rather than try and mimic guitar, but I do have a major aversion to trying to make one instrument sound like another...
  14. Reason does not record, but it does let audio into the program. I just posted a way to do that with Reason.

    I agree with you in not being an optimal solution and that with any other DAW it would be simpler to set a sidechain, though.
  15. Samsound


    Sep 28, 2010
    Another option is to use Thor for the "guitar" sound. Connect the 'Gate Out' of Redrum to the 'Gate' on Thor. If that is too hard of a gate, you can alternatively connect it to the amp level for a less sensitive gate. Or connect it to a CV input and set up something in the Modulation Matrix.
  16. seamonkey


    Aug 6, 2004
    I don't get why not a simple kick trigger, and trigger io from alesis or similar.
    I don't know reason, but smaplers with round robin, and velocity layers can do wonders with just one note.
  17. well the keyboardist already runs reason. just trying to get this done with the equipment we already have, if possible

    click track is never going to happen. i dont want to be that sterile live.

    i figured a subkick would get less interference from other drums. there are other mics laying around if it doesnt work.

    in a recording, this is easy to wire up and program. live, i need to use keys as a utility instrument.
  18. possible, but that requires buying things. looking for a way to work with what we have.
  19. marchisgonebass


    Aug 31, 2009
    if the keyboardists is already using reason then you can easily rewire it from ableton. or find out how to sidechain in logic and then rewire reason from logic. shouldnt be too hard a task
  20. I see! Didn't check the screeny above properly, I still only have reason 3 (I think) and that was pre-'record' days so the hardware interface only had outs on it.

    In that case, no need to rewire or anything else, reason will do the trick so give it a go I guess!

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