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    Sep 18, 2017
    I haven't been posting much because anybody who is touring, or in production knows this has been the busiest year EVER in the music biz. Shortage of stages, lighting, p.a. and crew. Running my tail off. My main gig is mixing FOH.
    My last band imploded when BL got tinnitus and withdrew from his own band. It's hard to start a new band when I'm only really avail. rarely, and never on Fri. Sat. Not many Tuesday gigs.
    So I created my own gig. Sunday afternoon at my main venue. Structured jam.
    I hand picked a band. Neil Board guitar/vox, Jerry Mclaren drums, Newcomer Sharon Dutton on the B3, and yours truly bass/vox. The Matinee Idols.(we play sunday afternoons, get it?)
    Did our second gig yesterday. Great house, lots of fun and....NOT playing blues (It's been a long time). It's great to play in the best venue for many miles, with all great gear/lights/stage. And it's the club I work in almost every week.[​IMG]
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    Good to hear from you and that you're busy, well, and playing some music!
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