Giggable (without reinforcement) rig under 50lbs?

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  1. Bob Palmer

    Bob Palmer

    Apr 17, 2013
    Hey all!

    I have a few gigs coming up in NYC where there is zero backline - think bar sized, 50 ppl or so, in a rock band with an enthusiastic drummer and two guitars who tend to crank things up a bit.

    I've had no issue with my Hardke 3500 and 210XL, but it's heavy to haul into the city, and I'd LOVE to find a small rig (combo or cab+head) that can handle the smaller venue size noted above, and cut through in a four piece - all in a small package.

    Weight/ease of hand carrying is key - and assuming I will have zero sound reinforcement. Budget, ideally, would be $500 or less, but could go up to $750 for the right stuff

    Thanks in advance!
  2. GKMB115 II would likely do it; maybe used Mark Bass combo. TC makes a nice 200 watt combo, though I haven't used it.
  3. SuperK


    Sep 12, 2012
    San Jose, CA
    ^ +1 to the GK rig. I used an MB115-II for several months and it worked great for small to medium sized gigs. It's under 40 lbs and has a direct out if you can get PA support. It also has a chain out to add a powered 200W 1x15 cabinet.
  4. Bob Palmer

    Bob Palmer

    Apr 17, 2013
    Awesome thanks! Any thoughts on the 115 vs.
    the 210 models? Other than the 210 being two pounds lighter and $200 more? ;)
  5. Mark Nye

    Mark Nye

    Sep 18, 2012
    From a former gigging NYC-er: Regardless of what you go with, a pair of corner casters and a telescoping luggage-style handle will make your life exponentially easier. (Like these: )

    I would start by looking at 1x15 neo combos like the ones mentioned above (Genz Benz makes a really nice one, too) and retrofit whatever you get with the aforementioned casters/handle.

    If you're not dead set on a combo (or have a cab that you already like) you can do the above with a cab and pair it with one of the many vertebrae-friendly micro heads out there.

    Just my $0.02. Either way, good luck in your quest. NYC ain't the easiest place on Earth to be a bassist.
  6. Bassamatic

    Bassamatic keepin' the beat since the 60's

    +1 on the MarkBass combo. They are stupid loud and light. I can play ANY indoors bar gig with only the 121P - 1 x 12 - 15" cube - 29 pounds. The secret is to back the amp into a corner and use the walls as a giant horn. The 1x12 will rattle the room at half volume. See the photo below. After that show, 2 bass players came up and asked where my "stack" was! they were both flipped out when they saw the tiny box in the corner!

    If that is not loud enough you get the matching 1x12 cab and blow the walls down, or get one of the 15" combos.

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  7. BassinCT

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    Jun 17, 2006
    Connecticut, USA
    +1 For the combos by GK and Markbass. If you have a guitar center nearby, there is a good chance that they will have both in stock for you to try.