GK MB212?

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  1. Anybody have experience with one of these? Looking to upgrade my amp eventually and the weight appeals to me. I have a 400RB and 410 MXE which I like but am not 100% sold on. The amp is only 8 ohms so I don't have a while bunch of headroom and I could definitely wiggle on the tone a little bit. I love GK tone but since I'm going for a hi-fi modern sound I think a newer amp and 12" Neo cabinet might be up my alley. I also like the chain out. What do you guys think?
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    Your amp should be 4ohm capable.
    The 400RB should be a helluva loud amp.
    Might want to think about a different cab that can do 4ohm solo, or pick up another identical/similar cab to run the amp at 4ohms.

    The RB and MB amps are slightly different but very much GK.
    RB amp can get more aggressive and may feel like it has no limits.
    MB amp can be more smoother and a little deeper in the low end and crispy on the high end.
  3. You're right, I meant my cab is 8 ohms.

    I'm really looking to downsize if possible and I've had some wear issues on my RB. A new neo cab like I wanted costs as much as the entire mb combo.

    It's interesting you say that the RB is more aggressive. I might have to bring mine to GC and play it through some 4 ohm neo enclosures because my sound definitely needs to be aggressive at times
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    Couldn't have said it better myself.

    I have been a GK fanboy since my first "big boy" amp, which is a 400RB (which I've since taken out of the combo it was previously housed in). That is a tone which, to my ears, is perfect.

    I also use a MB212-ii, which for gigging in NYC with a teeny Fiat, is an AWESOME solution for me. I prefer the tone of the RB ever so slightly, but the headroom and oomph of the MB212 in a lightweight package is a really great solution.
  5. The GK MB212-II is a great sounding and powerful bass combo and, BTW the GK 400RB will operate at 4 ohms too.
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