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  1. IWillFlyOneDay


    Feb 26, 2007
    Let me preface by saying I've spent about the last hour or so using the search function and reading old threads, so don't think I haven't been doing my homework ;).

    I play in an indie-rock band. The tone I look for, if I have to compare it to someone for reference would be Nick Harmer of Death Cab For Cutie, or Tim Kingbury of Arcade Fire. Both of these guys use Ashdown, and I've played through Ashdown at stores and I love what I hear. I've got my heart set on the ABM 500 EVO and the ABM 414T 4x10; however, it's going to be a little while before I can save up for that rig.

    On Craigslist, I've found a GK 700RB and Peavey 410tvx for around $500 for both. I liked my last GK head (a 400rb) and I've used peavey cabs in the past and they sounded fine.

    I'm pretty set on buying the GK, as I love the brand and once I get the Ashdown, I could do WAY worse than having the GK for backup. My main question is about the cab - would it be worthwhile to spend about 250 on the cab, or should I just wait about a month and spend the extra 350 on the ashdown? I mainly just need to get a 410 because I bought a peavey 810 a year or so ago, changed bands, and now I don't need nearly that much.
  2. Rock-Bassman


    Dec 25, 2008
    Meh, I just got an SWR workingmans cab from daddy's junky music for 220, and it sounds great! It's comparable to the gk rbx ii series of cabs, so I'd just take the head and look for better deals. I've seen edens going for 300 around boston, so there ARE better deals out there
  3. IWillFlyOneDay


    Feb 26, 2007
    Yeah, i'm definitely going to look around some more. I just got an email back saying the 410 was a tx not a tvx and 8 ohms, I really would rather have 4 ohm.

    So, sorry for the useless thread. :rollno:

    Thread change:

    What do you guys think of the Ashdown 414t 4x10?

    Also, I may not have been totally clear in the OP; the GK 700rb is only $250. Seems like that's a pretty good deal.
  4. I'm from Australia and got my 700 RB MK-II for AU$1439, and the Peavey TVX for a little over AU$700. It's a fantastic rig, I suggest at that price you jump and buy it. Don't worry about getting another amp, the 700RB covers all bases and the TVX is fine for volume and tone. Any large venues and you can DI the head through the PA. You may consider replacing the Peavey speakers with EVM 10L bass speakers, which is what I plan on doing as I get the money.

  5. Flatty Banks

    Flatty Banks

    Oct 26, 2008
    I wouldn't get the Peavey; save some money and get a GK cabinet.
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