GK410SBX farting out with a 5-string

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  1. Anyone else have a similar issue? I have a MOTR Yamaha 5-string and have used the cabinet with a Hartke 3500 and more recently a GK MB500. I'm looking for a pretty fat sound so the bass was/is pushed on the amps.
    I'm thinking of going with the GK Neo 2x10. Has anyone paired this cabinet with an MB500 and a 5-string and doesn't feel the speakers farting out?
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    Fat bass tones are not necessarily in the 80hz or lower category. A good presence in the 150hz to 300hz range will make your bass fat sounding and stick out in the mix. ANY cabinet can only go so far in the low end category.

    With your 5 string bass - is there an active pre-amp on there? Are you boosting the bass knob at all? I suggest you leave it at the flat setting and work on the other knobs. Keep the bass knob on the GK MB500 at the noon setting or slightly to the left. Try this out before buying a different cabinet.
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    +1 not many commercial cabs are capable of sub-frequencies, and a budget cab much less so. CUT the bass eq, and boost the low mids.
  4. Thanks, guys. I'll give'er a try.
    BTW, the Yamaha is an active bass but I have pushed in the -10db button to reduce the risk of overpowering.
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    The problem is IMHO that amps don't have subsonic filters, so the cabs are always being fed lows that are below their tuning frequency. This makes the speakers flab out, causing the cones to eventually fold. Not to mention the wasted amp power.
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    After all that, why a 210? That head will ruin that cab if you’re not careful.

    I used an MB500 head with a GK 212MBE with passive and active fivers. Ended up on a crazy-loud stage pushing it really hard against a gui**** a’hole I’ll never play with again (presently to his dismay)…

    Don’t know if it was farting, I could barely hear it even propped up on the pool table next to me, but i blew the tweeter (thought it was turned off), and then the little cross-brace that goes from between the speakers to the back of the cab came loose from the baffle board and it was just a rattle trap. I am happy that the speakers didn’t blow.

    I’ve since fixed it and added more bracing and PL adhesive all over the inside, but… I guess the point is, those light GK cabs can’t take too much.
  7. Marko,
    Regarding the 210 - it's ported which may help in the loudness and warmth I'm hoping to achieve. It will be paired with a GK Neo 115. I realize these speakers are rated at 400W so I'm not pushing the amp into the upper stratosphere.
    I'm heading to practice on Thurs to try turning down the bass volume knob and will likely tweak the MB500 from the Rock setting (this will be with the 410SBX & Neo 115) to see if I can reduce farting.
    Thx for your comments.
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    I missed that you were combining two cabs.

    As one who’s a stickler about matching cabs, I’m thinking how killer two of those 115s would be. :)
  9. For those who care:
    I boosted the Low-Mid to 1:30 and reduced the Bass to 10:30. Gain and Contour are also at 10:30. I believe I've found the sound I've been looking for with the Yamaha 5-string and the 4x10 & 1x15. It was loud and warm enough and didn't hear any farting. BTW, I've got the 115 on top of the 4x10.
    We play live in mid-June when I'll try the 2x10 & 1x15. There I will do conventional speaker configuration (2x10 over the 1x15) but may have the 2x10 tilted upward.
  10. A year later -
    The Neo 115iii had one of the connecting wires pop. This was the second wire which needed to be repaired. I must blame this on speaker excursion. In discussions with a fellow-TBer, replaced the Paragon 15" with a Kappalite 3015LF. No issues since.
    After experiencing sound issues, I re-read the part about not using the Contour at high volumes so now it's set around flat to 7:30. The Gain is set around 1:30, the higher frequency knobs are around 11:30, mid at 2:00 and bass around 10:00. This is the sound I go with at practice (with Hearos). Very happy with the tone.
  11. i know that its not a GK amp, but take a look at the TC Electronic amps. i have purchased a BG250 combo. its LOUD and PHAT!....

    im using a spector euro 5 string, and it sounds amazing! i play it with a heavy alternate (not metal), and it certainly keeps up and then some. i couldn't recommend it enough. you should be able to get them in Ottawa no probs.
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    Gk amps great, gk cabs weak. Get some bag ends