Good low B string with growl?

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  1. I picked up a set of strings (Fender brand 5 string tapered set, 130 B string), and while the upper 4 strings sound very even, the low B string loses all of the growl and sounds very bassy in comparison, which makes it very problematic. It almost sounds like for just that string the hi-mid or treble control is turned way down.

    Can someone suggest either (preferably) a single low B string that has more growl and clarity to it that I can use to match up with the other 4 strings, or (second option) a good set of strings that has a tone that stays fairly even between all 5 strings. I am not against going with a lighter tension string if that is what is required.

    I like a very full range sound, and rarely turn down the treble on either the bass or the amp, although I don't need them to sound super bright.

    This is for an 08 USA Fender Jazz 5 string.

  2. I've only used flats on my 5-strings, La Bellas and D'Addarios, and the D'Addario Chromes have a nice growl (whereas the La Bellas have more thump).
  3. I forgot about flats. While I like flats for certain things, I am going to be using rounds for this bass, so I am looking for roundwound string suggestions.
  4. Hate to say it but it might be the bass. Every Fender 5 string I've played has had a crappy B, it's like they grafted it on as an afterthought.
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    D'addario Prosteels have very nice B strings, blending very well with higher four strings.

    (edit: on pretty good 5 string bass)
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    I enjoy low tension strings and mostly use DRs. Hi-Beams, Sunbeams and Extra-Life 5 string sets all have a 125 B which to me sounds awesome, though the low tension is something you may or may not dig. D'Addario low B's I have also found to sound good on most of the sets I've tried (Prosteels, XL's and Chromes). Ernie Ball 130 B strings are also nice enough (the 125 less so, but it might have been a bad set), though I don't enjoy the feel and tone of EB strings (subjective).

    I hope I've helped, though I'm not entirely convinced that I actually made much sense... :meh:
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    they are taped core on the B and the E

    they is plenty of growl , and perhaps to much treble as well ( dzzinng )

    128 - 102 - 85 - 63 - 43

    You can set also a very low action , on the B

    I play it on a F bass which is 34.5"...not 34"
  8. what odd string gauge and neck length? but anyway, elite stadium rounds all the way
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    MTD strings
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    LaBella Hard Rocking Steels.
    After trying many, many brands I found my go-to steels.
    You will not be sorry.
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    Dean Markley SR2000's.;)
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    I bought a BTB 5-string and was not happy with a number of brands of strings that I tried that had uneven sound across the strings. But I read a review somewhere on Everly strings. Remember the Everly Brothers? I think its Don who owns the company. B52 Bass Rockers, 6245-5

    The nice thing about these strings on this bass, a BTB-455QM, is that the transition from the open 'E' string to the 'Eb' on the 'B' string is very even and its really difficult to tell that you've changed strings. The 'B' doesn't sound or feel flabby. The uniform sound is just great. I don't think they have accentuated growl, I'm sure the brand/type of bass will have an effect on that, but if you want evenness of sound across the strings, they're a great choice IMHO. The other caveat I'd add is that you need a speaker cab that can really deal with those lower notes.

    Lloyd Howard