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  1. idlitto


    Jan 13, 2009
    I hope this is the right forum for this question. I recently got a fender bg 31 as a gift after a long hiatus from bass playing. I love the bass but would like to have a pro set up. I took it to my local shop and they just kind of blew me off. The bass was not bought there as my great new wife(who had never even seen me play the bass) bought it elsewhere. I know that it is not the most expensive bass but come on he should have told me more than just try different strings. The action is a little high I believe...but this is my first acoustic and I'd just like to have someone with more knowledge than me look at it. Looks like playing bass is back for me..hoping for an electric next x mas:hyper:, or maybe I will have to treat myself. Thanks for any and all replies:bassist:
  2. I do my own setups, but I've heard from other people about a couple places.

    There's a guy (I forget his name) at Sam Ash on Mayfield that's supposed to be pretty good.

    I've heard horror stories about setups performed at Almira Sound Studios, so I'd avoid them if I were you.
  3. midnite


    Dec 3, 2008
    Had a guy named Neil Bartos revitalize my 1967 Precision that I owned since it was new.Interesting fellow....did a great job.I provided strings.He totally cleaned including electronics and neck.,Broke it down and straightened neck.New nut etc.all for $70....Gave him $80,a bottle of wine and some treats for his dog.Christmas you know at the time.

    He is certified Fender repair shop...Space Guitar.Right near Hopkins Airport.

    Phone 440-554-2674 or 440-234-3442

    Mention the above,he will probably remember it.

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