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Grabber copy

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by mr zee, May 16, 2019.

  1. I have a Grabber copy which I acquired a few years ago but I don't know where or when or by whom it was built. It's a decent enough bass. The original neck was a three piece but it was well past its use by date so I had to replace it, so I've only took pictures of the body. 15580102851318277913183929820071. 15580103381111658368037437373646. 1558010471384163634660153777980. 15580105348681294886228970036659. 15580105762819118904751520969919.
  2. B-Mac

    B-Mac Sorting Things Out Supporting Member

    Interesting bridge
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  3. The saddles are akin to a tele bass I think
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  4. B-Mac

    B-Mac Sorting Things Out Supporting Member

    Anything on the headstock?
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  5. The original headstock had no markings whatsoever. It was a 3 piece neck that was splitting down the back.
  6. Biffa


    Apr 16, 2019
    County Durham, UK
    Nice lump of ash with a dubious centre line
  7. B-Mac

    B-Mac Sorting Things Out Supporting Member

    Looks like a decent home made build
  8. Floppystrings


    Apr 5, 2019
    Both my 2006 Warwick double bucks have an off center two pieces ash body.

    It's done intentionally so the area where it bolts on doesn't split, which happened with some early bolt on Thumb basses (they have a very small heel).

    It makes more sense to have it off center.
  9. This had a narrow neck socket, had to open it up slightly for the replacement neck.
    This is a closeup of the bridge. 15580151705147442608379703099187. 15580152331497744696101381797556.
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  10. Anyway, does anyone know what make it might be. Thanks to biffa for the advice on replacement neck alignment when I first did it
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  11. These are the original tuners and ferrules which have a very small diameter peg, 5/16, or about 8mm 15580221027792799130641393544441.
  12. darkestsun


    Nov 19, 2017
    South Dakota
  13. 40Hz

    40Hz Supporting Member

    Aria, Melody and Crestline all did lawsuit era Grabbers with varying degrees of fidelity to the original.

    But if I had to guess, I’d suspect it’s a Melody.
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  14. That looks very much the same to me. The review mentions the screws on the machine heads being different. Some of the screws actually snapped when I was trying to get them out on mine.
    Fine job, at least I now know more about it. Thanks
  15. B-Mac

    B-Mac Sorting Things Out Supporting Member

    Something of a similar flavor....

    Came across this a while ago: Rippenbacker


    Mather Rippenbacker | Eastside Music Supply
  16. 40Hz

    40Hz Supporting Member

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  17. codiak


    Mar 16, 2017
    Madison, Wisconsin
    I love the look of Rippers/Grabbers. I won’t be able to afford an original any time soon so I did this to an Epiphone Ripper PJ I got recently.

  18. That's looking really nice.
    I have the same but black
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  19. codiak


    Mar 16, 2017
    Madison, Wisconsin
    Yeah, these basses are great. I randomly found mine at a music shop one day. I really didn’t like the stock bridge though because my saddles has to sit so high that tightening the set screws just pushed them up higher rather than holding them in place. Whenever I took the strings off one or two would fall out and I’d have to find them. A Hipshot A style with .750 spacing fits perfectly.
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  20. Really nice looking! I’d agree in that this looks like a Melody copy.

    That bridge looks worse than the originals tho... jings.

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