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  1. Hey guys,

    Looking about at components earlier, and im a bit out of the loop.

    Had a look at the various ATI HD 3870 XT's, anyone know anything spec wise on these? Any experience with one? and is there anything in the same sort of price band that would be better?

    My ATI 9800 Pro is starting to feel a bit aged (damned quake wars :( )


    - Will
  2. Whitmore


    Aug 13, 2005
    i dont know the cost comparison but i would personally reccomend a eVGA 8800 GT KO edition 675 mhz core clock, 1950 mhz memory speed, 512 gddr3, 62.4 gb/s memory bandwidth. most websites have this card ranked up there as a top performer for the money.

    Is that the one your referring to? Bit more expensive (~£35, and i was already going a bit over my mental limit with a better version of the ATI card)

    And i know it doesnt mean much, but the ATI has a faster clock core (800Mhz), faster memory (2400MHz) (also its 512 GDDR4), has almost 3x the number of stream processors, more advanced shader model (4.1 instead of 4.0), it is also compatible up to Direct X 10.1 instead of 10.0. I cant find the memory bandwidth, but from what i read earlier i think it was around 70 something Gb/s, which was wierd as the lower model is over 100Gb/s .

    Again, this is all on paper, so it doesnt mean its nessicaraly better.
  4. Cheers, Im still looking around, no imminent hurry. The only issue with the link you posted is i think thats just the standard 3870 they have looked at there, there is also the Pro and XT model, both of which being faster than the last. On saying that, it still does appear the GT has the lead (from another review, just not as much of a lead)

    Im still a bit apprehensive, just because ive never been a huge NVidia fan, the GT does seem to have the lead tho, but (generally) is a bit more expensive. Though they do have a few models within the price range im looking at. Theres even a GTS model (640Mb RAM i think) thats just over my theoretical max, so i could go for that too.

    Like i said tho, just having a look about right now, also going to need to look at CPUs and motherboards too, and then try and scrape some cash together :p . And hopefully by that time there will be something better out and those cards will be cheaper!

    Another factor im looking for is a card thats relativley quiet, the ati one i was looking at had an aftermarket queiter fan and new heatsink. Im sure there will be NVidia variants with similar modifications tho.

    Cheers for the help so far :D
  5. santucci218


    Jan 26, 2007
    Hate to hijack your thread but i have a graphics card/computer upgrade question.

    I just purchased a refurbished dell inspiron 1521 and was wondering where i can figure out what upgrades i can get for it. i go to the dell website and try to do a computer analysis to see, but it says it can not obtain system information! i was thinking of getting a faster hard drive or a better graphics card...any insite?
  6. Whitmore


    Aug 13, 2005
    The GTS is supposed to be better than the GT, supposed to be. From what i have seen online the GT beats GTS in almost everything. plus for the price range its hard to beat the GT.
  7. I heard there was supposed to be a revision for the GTS that would make it blow the GT out of the water.. But post release results show it its soo close to the GT that its not worth the extra money..
  8. Whitmore


    Aug 13, 2005
    ya, but there are so many factory overclocked GT's out there that are just capable of great fps rates and just genuinely beat out the gts and come with a lower price tag. its really win win
  9. Thanks for letting me know that, ill avoid the GTS and the one up from the GTS is too expensive :p

    So ill probably end up with either the 3870 XT or 8800 GT :)
  10. Currently, nVidia is winning in the video card department. The 8800GT is a great card. I have one. I think the only downside with this card is it's cooling. It runs at good temps in my case, but it is a single slot card with a small fan and can be a little loud when the fan is running at 100%. The new 8800GTS, although not that much better than the GT has better cooling.

    The GT and new GTS (512MB) are both much better than the GTS 640MB version. When looking at offerings from nVidia make sure you are looking at the cards with their new G92 GPU. They didn't change the names very much with the new cards and it can be confusing. The 8800GT and 8800GTS 512MB are the new ones.

    Right now both ATI and nVidia have some great cards out right now, and how I feel is they are both great. You can read all the reviews you want and find out which one is better, but neither is a bad card. They both handle frames per second that are more than acceptable. I've owned both ATI and nVidia cards in the past.

    Waiting is not a bad idea right now. nVidia is still to put out their top of the line card. Intel should have out their new processors out soon. Also, both Intel and nVidia will have a newer chipset for motherboards soon.
  11. Cool, well, money isnt really floating about that freely right now, so waiting is going to happen. The better cooling is a good thing in my books, especially if its quieter. All just in the air right now, but i think ill aim for a 2 slot card, so it has the rear exhaust, as im thinking of adding some accoustic foam to the case.

    But, thats just an idea at the mo.

    Thanks for pointing out the downfall of the 640Mb one, as thats the one i was leaning towards, i think if i go the nvidia route id get the 512 GT, as its cheaper and better = win :)