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Greenbased/Kappalite Cabs - 1x3015lf & 2x3010lf

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Alex O, Aug 19, 2016.

  1. So 3 years ago I got a smoking deal on an SVT CL. I had always viewed them as kind of an end-game tier amp so I couldn't resist. I had graduated and got my first actual job, so I figured I'd treat myself - so I did. I fell in love with the sound immediately but quickly learned 2 things:

    1) My rig is now way too heavy
    2) My rig is now way too big and doesn't fit in my car

    I first found out about Eminence Kapalites 2 years ago when I was still humping 2 410s with ceramic speakers around (because my SVT410HEs were 8ohm each) so the idea of having that much power in a tiny neo package became super appealing. I decided I wanted a modular rig that could work separately with the CL, or alone. I had great experiences with 10's and 15's by then so I figured that's what I'd go with. I sold off the 410s to finance my latest bout of gas.

    There's a great emerging cab builder in my area (Greenbased Design in Halifax NS) who I asked to design a compact cab that'd work well with a Kappalite 3015lf (4ohm). Based on his own experience with adding Kappas to the old Ampeg vr215 (which I think he modded two 10's into as well) and the generally popularity online thanks to fEARful, he came up with the bottom cab below. 3/4" Baltic birch, rear loaded and front vertically ported (the dimensions escape me, however). That cab immediately made my gigging life wayyyyyy more efficient, and gave me an incredible 15 sound I was used to from a Mesa Diesel 215 I had owned prior (sold because so so so heavy/awkward). So that was a win.

    I'm not going to lie and say I know exactly what it is about 10's that I like, but I will say that whatever it is, my ears were missing it with a 15. I decided that I'd give the Kappalite 3010lfs (8 ohms) a shot. At the time there weren't really any reviews of the 10's in a bass context, so I decided to throw caution to the wind. I went to the same builder and asked him to design a cab similar to the previous but tailored to 2 3010lfs. The end result was the below top cab. 2" shorter and horizontally ported than the original. To this day if I have to pick between one of these cabs live I usually go for the 210, typically in the context of a metal mix.

    Now since having these built I've read a lot of articles on here concerning both mixed speaker configs and the suitability of 3010lfs for a bass cab. In my totally not quantitative very situational opinion, the Greenbased 210 and 115 are better together and the 3010lfs are very well suited to bass.

    I have not noticed any acoustic or electrical polarity/frequency cancellation issues. I haven't noticed any unexpected dead spots (the cabs are pretty directional by design, however). I admit that using the same super knowledgeable builder on both designs was likely a huge part of making this setup work, so if you're considering a retrofit project with these cabs maybe consult with a tech or manufacturer still. The only two shortcomings of this setup I found are of my own choices: though you can build each in 8ohm, my 4 ohm is specific to the SVT and makes it tough to share for back line (is that really a bad thing though ) and the stack is short, so try and put some distance between yourself and the rig when using.

    The average cost per cab was $600 CAD for the build and speakers. So each cab is less than retail, smaller than about 80% of bass cabs, and together easily louder than a fridge. I know that this is a longggg read but if someone is looking for any info regarding the Kappalites in a bass cab context hopefully it can help!

    TL;DR:3010lf and 3015lf Kappalites, even mixed, seem to work great for my custom cabs. I'd recommend working closely with a trusted builder though.

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  2. I am surprised that the 301xLF appeal with out a mid driver crossed over. They are super LF woofers though.
  3. In hindsight I kind of am too, but it's serendipitous because it's way easier this way.
  4. 3)? ;)
  5. 3 is that I can only count in twos apparently. Good catch!
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  6. 3) A family of six was saved from the flood by floating on my rig. :smug:
    This sounds like it could start a "My Rig is So Big..." thread.
    My rig is so big that if I have a gig near the airport, I have to put red lights on it.
  7. Is that not a thing yet? If no, genius.

    4) My rig is so big that people in small cars drive by and tell me I'm compensating for something.

    Also, almost every yo mama joke could be reverse engineered to work
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  8. My rig is so big, not even yo mama can lift it.
  9. The 3010LFs are intended to sound like the 12 and 15 inch versions.
    So, they should play well together.
    The bad news is that they will have a spike in the 1-1.5K region,
    then drop off pretty quickly.
    There is a reason the fEARfuls use crossovers and mid drivers.

    Still you have nice looking cabs, low weight and they should handle
    most anything you power them with.
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