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Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by ztpi1, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. ztpi1


    Mar 25, 2006
    What's up everybody?

    My name is Tom and I live in Tennessee. I've been playing music for well over half of my 30 years.

    A friend of mine recently told me that Louis Armstrong said there were two types of music; good music, and bad music.

    His quote sums up well my own ideas of what I like to listen to and play.

    Good music moves people together. It says something in a unique and direct way. It is dynamic, refreshing, and unselfish.

    Bad music pushes people away. It is selfish, sloppy and inarticulate.

    I found this forum while searching for gear.

    I look forward to hearing what you all have to say.


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