Guitarist turned bassist here

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  1. BradE


    May 10, 2018
    I've played guitar since the 70s but I've always had a bass to add basslines to recordings. I've also played bass in a few bands. I always considered myself a guitarist, though.
    Lately I have decided to just focus on being a bass player since nobody needs guitar players and I have found out that most of the guitar sites that I belong to have little enthusiasm about my bass excursions and gear, so here I am.
    Even though I am currently using a pick; I've been trying to go with what I consider to be the traditional four strings, two fingers method of bass playing instead of just being a lead bass player like many guitarists are when they play a bass.
  2. Yes, we old guitar guy/gals have to remember there is a difference now. The guitar guys will get the melody, we provide the harmony and rhythm.

    Our old fake chord sheet music still works, we just fall into a groove and use whatever notes let us do that. For me that is usually roots, fives and octave eights. With what I play that seems to do the trick.

    Welcome to the forum, happy trails.