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guys i need help

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by acmmisfit, Apr 25, 2010.

  1. acmmisfit


    Apr 22, 2010
    L.A., CA
    i have a Acoustic B100 1x15 combo amp, its pretty powerful but i need more power to hear that E string so im considering getting Acoustic's 4x10 cab to hook up to my amp untill i can afford the head, what do you think?? will the cab help?
  2. Simple answer....yes!
  3. Before you go buying anything, always try messing around with what you already have! How long have you been at trying to get the sound out of the E to your liking? Truthfully, lower frequencies take much more power to put out there, so you may end up buying another cabinet after all. However, if you're looking for a wall shaking, gut-busting low E, no matter what speakers you use, you'll never get it out of 100 watts. 100 watts is good for rehearsal levels or small gigs...but it just won't get you far if you need to be loud and earth shaking. Which is why yes, down the road you need to consider getting an actual head. I would suggest a Gallien-Krueger with a 5/4 string voicing, one of these will handle a low E and even down below that with supreme ease (take a look at the 700rb-II by them. Their amps are practically worshipped in the world of bass). Let's see...the sound of your amp actually changes as you move farther away. Try getting a ways back from your amp and listening. Also, the acoustics of the room could be against you here. You should try the amp in a room with much different dimensions and see what you get. With that specific amp, I would leave the frequency knob all the way down, have the bass around 3/4, the low mid at about half, and the high mid a little above half. Put the gain a little above 1/4 and then use the volume for the rest of the output you need. Let me know how it goes :)
  4. Oh, also, don't feel like you HAVE to buy another cabinet from just Acoustic. True that Acoustic offers some decent gear for a pretty low price, but there are other brands and cabinets out there that will also work. You may even consider getting a used cabinet for the same price as the Acoustic one, but of better quality (used gear you get for less!).
  5. I added the Acoustic B-115 to my Acoustic B-450 (210) combo to fill in the lows, and it works very well. Acoustic's B-115 has all the oomph you'll need, but unfortunately, as posted above (^) the B-100 is a little light in the ability to push much sound. I wouldn't mind having the B-100 for practice - but I never get any of those intimate and small venue places to play that might be better able to appreciate it. I leave those things to people who need to hear a professional, paid combo since I'm only playing for fun.

    But I've got 600 Watts of power at 2 Ohms so I can drive the 15-incher with watts to spare so I also added another cab - the Acoustic B-410. We play rural outdoor BBQs and lawn parties where the open air sound dispersion is very high, yet I can fill the area with gob of bass.

    There are other, greater powered big names and more professional rigs out there and I know and appreciate them all - but I just went this way (with Acoustic Gen-II stuff) and don't regret it.

    More Watts are always good. Excessive Wattage is better!

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