Happy Holidays!

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    At the risk of having this thread being branded "off topic" I thought it would be appropriate to post a "Season's Greetings" message, and convey my gratitude for all of the gifts I have received from many members of TalkBass in general, and this sub-forum specifically. Season's greetings!

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  2. Sounds like someone has hit the brandy already! :laugh:

    But seriously, Merry Christmas from downunder... Now I'm off for some vegemite on toast. :)
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    Holiday? Is it a Holiday? Oh man, I've been working insane hours for the last few months, mostly on scramble NAMM show instruments for clients. I finally delivered the last of them Tuesday night..... now I have a break for maybe a week. I've got a whole pile of pickups to wind; a good job for a quiet week. Then the usual emergencies will appear in early January.

    Yesterday, my main computer blew its hard drive....at least it waited until I had a day off. I spent much of last night and this morning loading and configuring the backup box. It's pretty much running. I spent part of the afternoon cleaning up some of the electrical wiring in the shop. More Holiday fun! No sparks or twinkling lights, though.

    I've got no kids or local family, so no real mandatory celebrations here. This evening, I'm going over to Santa Clarita for a good home-cooked dinner with some old friends. That's my Holiday.

    Not much snow here in Fillmore. It's sunny, 70 degrees, blue skies. The same old thing.

    Merry Christmas to all of you!
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  4. Barnaby


    Sep 15, 2014
    Best of the holiday season to all!