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Hartke 3500 Transient Attack - History?

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by capitalrhythm, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. capitalrhythm


    Oct 24, 2010
    Just bought a used Hartke Model 3500 Transient Attack. Guy said he'd been using it in a church for like 12 years. I'm interested in the history of this amp i.e. when was it made? Also, how much did it cost then?

  2. will33


    May 22, 2006
    Those things have been around since the 80's and continued production well into the '90's, maybe later???

    Edit: Of course you could always just ask Larry Hartke. His phone number is pretty much public info by now and he'll post here once in a while. Like Hartke equipment or not, you gotta hand it to the guy. I had a transient attack 3500 several years ago. The thing could get good tone if you used the tube pre setting and left the solidstate off and left the compressor off or just enough to click it on, don't turn the knob up. You have to understand this thing also looked like it had survived nuclear holocaust right along with keith richards and the roaches. Eq is useable and versatile. It sounded pretty dang loud for what it was rated. If you can explain what your playing with it, music style and other equipment I could give you a tip or 2 as to how to adjust it.

    The other Hartke amp I used to own was a Kickback15. I really liked that little amp and wish I wouldn't have sold it. If you angle it back towards you whether from the front or the rear it was mids like crazy. If you set it up facing forward it was useable midbass and less mids/more fullness. This was one amp where you could push the midscoop shape button and it wouldn't suck away all your tone, it actually helped it by knocking some uppermids down so it sounded like it had a bottom to it by comparison. Anyway, there was good sounds to be had if you went a little against the grain to get them and it was plenty loud too. Played several small gigs with it and although it had to put in a full nights work it did so without complaint.

    Should note that it's also a really convenient little amp. Little things like handle placement and thinking about the weight, etc. You can carry it around easily with the speaker and knobs facing towards your leg and not beat up your leg while walking. It's very stable when sitting up facing forward, you can set stuff on it or sit on it. It's also stable when kicked back. It fits in your passenger seat like a little kid and the seatbelt fits right on it.

    Haven't had a chance to play the newer LH500's or Hydrive Cabs but the internet buzz is good for what it's worth.

    Anyway, enough rambling, what kind of shape is the amp in and how's it sound?
  3. JimmyM

    JimmyM Supporting Member

    Apr 11, 2005
    Apopka, FL
    Endorsing: Ampeg Amps, EMG Pickups
    3500 is inexpensive but it's a pretty good and well built amp if you ask me. i think when they came out they were in the $350-400 ballpark.
  4. BurningSkies

    BurningSkies CRAZY BALDHEAD Supporting Member

    Feb 20, 2005
    Syracuse NY
    Endorsing artist: Dingwall Guitars
    Does it say 'MOSFET' on the front plate? If it says Transient Attack but not Mosfet then you're looking at mid to late nineties I would guess.
  5. capitalrhythm


    Oct 24, 2010
    It says transient attack on the frontplate. This thing looks mint. The old owner apparently only used it in church on sundays. No scratches, no discoloration. Only thing I noticed was dust in the effect send/return and other back outputs/inputs.

    I bought it with two 210 Transporter cabs (transient attack) for $499 from a local music store. Found out when I got home though that one of the speakers is blown so I'm taking one back and hopefully will get some sort of cash back.

    I'm thinking of selling the good one and investing in an 8 ohm 15" cab and maybe another 8 ohm 210 but with a tweeter.

    What's the difference between mosfet/transient attack?

    I'll get some pictures soon.

    Also, haven't had a chance to play it on a good size cab yet, so I haven't heard its full glory. But on the 210 it sounds phenomenal, even the low end is powerful and punchy.
  6. Stanley Pugh

    Stanley Pugh

    Jun 14, 2008
    I payed in that range, Still have it.
    It is a great amp. :D
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  7. Rat Blitz

    Rat Blitz

    Jan 6, 2009
    It's the only solid state amp I have left (got rid of the rest). I think it's a great amp and very ballsy. My only complaint is that it's a tad loud but who hears the hum when the band is playing. Any by the time of the first break my ears are usually ringing too much to notice.;)
  8. BurningSkies

    BurningSkies CRAZY BALDHEAD Supporting Member

    Feb 20, 2005
    Syracuse NY
    Endorsing artist: Dingwall Guitars
    There are "Transient Attack" 3500 amps out there that are both with and without the MOSFET designation. They're different amps on the inside. The MOSFET power sections were supposedly closer to a tube amp, warmer and fuller. They're really punchy as well. Later on they re-designed the amp with a different power section. While none of them fetch that much cash on the used market, the MOSFET ones, are worth a slight premium. They also have a reputation for being a bit more solidly built. The upper left hand corner of the amp face is where it would say "MODEL 3500 MOSFET 350 WATTS"
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