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Hartke Kilo Question

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by Batsquatch, Feb 20, 2016.

  1. Batsquatch


    Feb 20, 2016
    noob here so please give a bit of lattitude. Bought a Hartke kilo the other day and I have 2 GK blx 410 cabs (8 ohms). The problem is the GK cabs only have one jack and the kilo only has one speak on output bridged @ 4 ohm. Now the amp has 2 stereo outs @ 2ohm. Can I plug two 8ohm cabs from those two (2 ohm) outputs?
  2. Batsquatch


    Feb 20, 2016
  3. mbelue


    Dec 11, 2010
    In your situation i see nope benefit to using the amp bridged.
    Just hook up both cabinets to one side or the other. Even one of each would work.

    You've got plenty of power there to fry those speakers.
  4. Yes, you can. The 2Ω value is a minimum impedance. As long as you stay above that you will be OK.
  5. I run one (8 ohm) AK410 cab on each side (Stereo Mode) on my Kilo. This gives me 200watts per side, which is plenty loud enough for rehearsals and most indoor gigs. I only run them in Bridged Mode (1000watts) when I'm doing large outdoor events.

  6. Batsquatch


    Feb 20, 2016
    Cool thanks. I'm playing in a doom band and my pf 500 ain't cutting it. So I hope 200w per side works but I see a new cab configuration in my very near future. We are extremely loud (not always a good thing) one guitar going thru Mesa stack the other and Orange.
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  7. mbelue


    Dec 11, 2010
    Loud is fun, just protect your ears.

    If one cab per side doesn't cut it bridged probably won't either. That'll most likely only blow your cabs.
  8. The Kilo has the power.

    Bridged 1000 watts @ 4 ohm
    Bridged 750 watts @ 8 ohm
    2 × 500 watts @ 2 ohm
    2 x 350 watts @ 4 ohm
    2 x 200 watts @ 8 ohm

    I'm looking to add 2 more cabs, myself. I'm also in a very loud, doom type band. The Kilo has the power, the speakers make the volume.
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