Hartway Guitars, new builder based in Hoboken NJ

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    These instruments are from Chris Hartway who is a Jersey City-based artist and musician trying his hand at building solid and hollow body guitars and basses over the last couple of years. The builder is a personal friend of many years and the instruments he is producing are quite impressive given the relatively short amount of time he has been working. I wanted to provide an introduction to his work as I imagine many here would have interest.

    The semi-hollow is the second of four basses he has built so far, the two pickup P model the third, and the white ceruse '51 slab body the fourth as was just completed for me. These are not hobbyist builds but real deal serious instruments from an emerging luthier.

    HB02A_01.PNG HB02A_02.PNG HB02A_03.PNG 20220128_134110.jpg 20220128_134153.jpg 20220128_134204.jpg 20220128_134211.jpg 20220128_134230.jpg

    This semi-hollow P is completely hand carved and finished. The neck has a chunky vintage "C" profile with a very nicely figured roasted birdseye board, semi-hollow northern ash body, hand wound vintage style '51 pickup, chrome Hipshot KickAss bridge and Schaller tuners. Weighs in just under 8 lbs and balances nicely. We were calling the finish "peanut butter burst" which looks similar to an antique tobacco. Thin matte poly oil clearcoat on the neck and body.

    HB02_01.PNG HB02_02.PNG HB02_03.PNG

    This is an old school p bass bod w/ belly cut. Jazz neck. Fabulous single coil and thunderbird from @geminipickups. Torrefied Ash and maple. Madagascar rosewood board. 8.66lbs

    H51_01.PNG H51_02.PNG H51_03.PNG H51_04.PNG H51_05.PNG

    This white '51 body is from a lightweight one piece swamp ash blank, roasted maple neck and lacquered Bakelite pickguard. The engine is a killer suprocaster T style bass pickup from Gemini Pickups that I would encourage all you single coil bass fans to get hipped to, weight 8.75 lbs.

    For further details and information you can contact the builder on Instagram @roadblockguitar or via email at: roadblocktele (AT) gmail.com
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