Headless: Old Hohner B2A or New Steinberger Spirit

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  1. Wakizashis


    Jun 15, 2019
    Hi guys,

    I would like add some headless bass to me as a backup and walking gear. I have option to buy old Hohner with XLR for about 260€. It looks quite ok, tho jack seems to be changed to Neutric with a lock (have the same on my BTB) and it has cracked frame around pickups (cheap emg select -). Is the frame standard size, I would like to replace it for sure... Then, new Spirit is 333€ with no detuner (i do not use it, and rather kept it simpler, 20 € cheaper too).

    What are your suggestions? I bit worry about HW failure about Hohner and price of parts, tho, everything should be ok as seller states - so far had only great experience with our selling forum here. I have also heard that Hohner might have beefier neck than new Spirit, but that might be not the case, I dunno. I was used and happy user of Ibanez SR, having BTB now (not that happy with action) and tried new Spirit in a shop and it was quite fine, tho more to BTB side, but little better setup.

    I like buying used stuff for some "old is gold" and even more for sentiment value. Also Korea vs Indonesia might indicate better quality, but that might not be the case too due years, as I was pretty happy with later.

    Thanks for opinions
  2. hdfixer

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    Aug 19, 2008
    Bend OR
    I have a fretless B2A and it's an awesome bass. Very reliable, and sounds great in the studio (even with Selects, which I haven't bothered swapping out). And small enough to always come along as a spare. I keep it in a cheap rifle bag I bought off Amazon...
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