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  1. I found this site while looking for amp reviews. It is a wealth of information and inspiration. A big thank you to Mr. Determan for starting and maintaining the site.
    I guess a little personal info is in order. I started learning to play back when you had to set the needle in the right groove over and over again to figure out what the heck was going on. For the last 25 years I have gotten by on my ears and what I have managed to teach myself about theory. In my early days I played rock in bar bands. Now I play worship at my church. I never wanted to be rich or famous, I just wanted to make music. And, so far, that is exactly what has happened.
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    Dito to Praise music in church. I also play Country and we end up playing the same ole 50 songs over and over. With Praise it's 6 new songs every week which I really like.

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