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Hello from Geezerbass

Discussion in 'Welcome Forum - New Member Intros' started by geezerbass, Mar 25, 2006.

  1. Hey one and all. Just a self-introduction to all the Knights of the Lower Register! I come by the handle of 'Geezerbas' naturally as I've just celebrated my 76'th birthday. (At my age, celebrating means waking up in the morning.) Started playing music as jazz guitarist in the 60's in the Detroit area, mostly trios in supper clubs etc. Got fed up with the owners, clientel and hours away from family and quit cold. Got into building and racing formula cars in 1970, and wound up paraplegic in 1976. Before I quit one of the last groups I played with had asked if I ever doubled on bass, and I said I'd try. Got a beat-up Kay plywood, and learned enough simple changes to get by on a few songs. When I quit, I told myself if I ever got back to music it would be on bass. I've sung bass in choirs and quartets since high school, and the harmonies felt very natural. After I wound up in the wheelchair the double bass was obviously out of the question. Took up Fender bass at dear wife's urging, but never got over the desire to play upright. Finally thought I'd take the cheapest possible flier at EUB and wound up with a Palatino. It's actually a lot better instrument than I'd expected, and I can play it while in the chair.
    Now I play at church, occasional subbing for the regular bassist in a local dance quintet, and get my jazz jollies with the Jazz Ensemble at the local community college. Jazz is definitely my favorite genre, and the Prof loves my switch to the EUB. Life is good, and I hope it lasts a while longer!

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