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  1. Ok fellas, here's the scoop. After being out of the music scene for the better part of a decade, I am now back to playing on a regular basis. I have purchased one (1) five string Yamaha bass and...well, that's all!! There lies my problem. I'm unsure of the direction to take with my gear. I do not want to spend hard earned cash without thoroughly checking my options...Here's the facts:

    (1) I'm playing on a weekly basis at a worship service in a Chapel that holds 100-150 people.
    (2) We play Christian rock/Alternative Christian...very upbeat and lively.
    (3) Playing other Churches as needed so some local moving/traveling is involved.

    So far I have been going through a direct box to the PA and have little to no control of my sound beyond the sound check.

    I would like to get some equipment that could also be used for Home studio/private practice. Would like to be able to use headphones combined with some sort of backing track.


    (1) Would a preamp set up before my direct box to the PA help control my sound??...should I have a full amp setup and mike it to the PA...
    (2) If I have active electronics do I even need a PreamP??
    (3) been looking at a little box called a Dr Rhythm (Boss, i think) and wondered if that may be cool for home rehearsal/recording??
    (4) wondering what other rack mount and/or effects boxes may be useful??

    In case is isn't obvious, I am just starting over and wonder what equipment will be necessary/useful for gigging and possible future home recordings...and above all, I'm a father of three and on a fairly tight budget!! HELP
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    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    Are you playing bass? if you are I'd suggest Tech21 preamp called the RBI. its rack mounted tone controls and other enhancements with a effected DI out with volume, clean DI out, ok overdrive circuit.

    for you backing sound maybe get a little mixer? about $100 you can plug in xlr, 1/4, and RCA inputs, you could also probably plug in the RBI. I DID NOT mention behringer because they got so many POOR REVIEWS! has a small passive 4 into 1 mixer called the MX41. but that only accepts 1/4 plugs.

    you might want a small combo for monitoring youself. either a roland bass/keyboard amp or again, tech21 has a small combo (with a built in RBI) called a Landmark 60 that contains most of the RBI flexibility. my friend claims its 5 string friendly even though its a 10". supposidly they are changing it to a 12"

    Check out these websites for stuff...
    I've bought from both.

    Amp reviews:
    mixer reviews:

    God bless, brother...
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